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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Papoose, Uncle Murda
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   Brooklyn's the Borough
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[Intro: Tony Touch Scratchin]
Never takin shorts 'cause Brooklyn's the borough-"Guru"
P-P-P-Peace out to Brooklyn!

[Papoose] (Tony Touch Scratchin)
Yeah! Fresh off that Brooklyn Bridge man!
Representin with the hip hop legend
Tony Touch! Tony Toca! King of New York talk man! (Br-Brooklyn!)
I'm back on my bullshit! Thuga! Papoose Pa-poose!

[Verse One: Papoose]
I don't care 'bout the name of your clothin designer
I'm fascinated by the attribute of Malcolm and Elijah
Hoopty when it's drama we hopin out of the mazda
Strip like Gaza the coppers in the impala
If not the pocket rocker the chopper do sum'n proper
Shoot you out your shoes get popped out of your prada's
In '01, I was gettin dollars with the robbers
Rob weed spots for hours and early hours
Skin smellin like sour when they was blamin Osama
So I was in the shower when they was droppin the towers
Actin like a mobster you Hoffa you an imposter
Somethin like spaghetti, tomatoes, garlic and salsa
Bullets out the llama the top is usually copper
You judgin my persona your honor, this is karma
Put an end to your saga with revolvers 
McDonalds and Burger King guns the Big Mac and the Whopper
Eat your bodyguard, Kevin Cosner, Jeffrey Dahmer
Old school, leather bomber heavy armor
Damn they love when I was flowin on the stoop 
But hated on me when I started flowin in the booth
You a contradiction and they know you was a fluke
So they said that's the same nigga you told us was the truth
You a lame I know you wouldn't shoot
You make me wanna take your chain off your neck and throw it on the roof
A spark to a flame a flame to a fire
A fire to a blaze I'm burnin all you liars

[Interlude: Tony Touch Scratchin]
Never takin shorts 'cause Brooklyn's the borough-"Guru"
Pe-Pe-Pe-Peace out to Brooklyn!

[Uncle Murda] (Tony Touch Scratchin) 
Brooklyn! (Br-Br-Br-Brooklyn!) EAST NEW YORK!!!!!

[Verse Two: Uncle Murda]
I'm the bad guy in the movie that keep comin back (JASON!)
The kid that can't die no matter where I get clapped 
I never back down from no man (NEVER!)
And mami when you go down, don't use no hands 
Look my semi automatic fully loaded
Emptyin the informant face then reloadin (BANG!)
Shorty can't give me head or she ain't 'gon deep throat it (NAH!)
I'm the realest rapper that ever touched the mic and the streets know it (YA HEARD!)
I break a DJ arm if he don't play my shit
I'm the kid when you was young your mom would want me to play with
They use to call me mischievous 
I never was a follower, I'm the example of what a leader is (YEAH!!!)
I'm in the game for real my nigga I don't know how they walk (FOR REAL!)
You gotta cop a brick and better we don't do 8 balls (WE DON'T DO THAT!)
You gotta hustle harder, they can't see me yet (NAH!)
I don't see 'em like Stevie Wonder ain't see his kids yet