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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Termanology
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   Aw Shux
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[Intro: Termanology]
Yeah! Termanology! So Uh! S. T. dot!
50 MC's huh? Tony! 

[Verse One: Termanology]
Uh! I use to think, if I went so hard in the booth
Jimmy Iovine would show up in my room
Knock on my door, take me to a private jet
Man I was wrong, ten years makin these songs
And the dreams I once had as a boy has now vanished
Never mind livin lavish I'm wonderin how I managed
With a semi ass manager, empty ass calendar
Empty ass friends and mad bills that's pilin up
Two baby mamas I'm lucky it ain't a hundred
I'm sittin here gettin blunted with nothin up in my stomach
Now I wasn't born with money I was born with puddy
And the holes in my wall in my project hall
And you never been as broke as me, I like that
Anybody put they hands on me, get knifed back
Gettin slicker in my stomach it's rumblin but this time
I'm now tryin not to get locked up by the piglets in the donut shop
My lawyer was low, got a public defendant
If D.A. doesn't respect him I'm probably gonna get sentenced
My pen is leakin this ink, like tears out of my mama eyes
One of her biggest fears I fall victim to homicide
Now murders in laws town in just a couple months
I don't know what's wrong with these kids they all goin nuts
Me I'm just sittin here thinkin of the old days
Shit! Ain't too much changed

[Chorus: Termanology]
I took 30 mc's put 'em all in a line 
Took ten more mc's 'fore I start me rhyme
If you add ten more that's 50 combined
And me, I'm just one of the illest of all time