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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Tash, Xzibit
Album:  Power Cypha 3: The Grand Finale
Song:   Xzibit and Tash Freestyle
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"I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that
  I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that" [Redman]

>From now till forever it's the Likwit MC
X to the Z, you get Banned From TV
Fuckin wit me, Likwit niggas L-A-C
Captivate, visually stimulate the whole country (what you see?)
In God we trust, but don't trust us
I'm ready to bust some lead in disgust
My homie Tony Touch said "Relax, roll a dutch"
I'm on the grind like a clutch, bust ya, they never had this much
That'll take it to the streets, play the game never forfeit
This same time next year, we goin corporate
You can't force what don't fit
Your style is like a pistol wit no kick, you're weak and you don't hit
Bitches catch nuttin but dick, fuck the BS
Beat it to death, call Triple Seis, Triz from TS
Yeah, Hennesey For Everbody in my empire
Enemies get Kennedy-ed in my line of fire

Tash swings like Mark McGwire, X swings like Sammy Sosa
These guns up in my hoslter got me on the wanted poster
Runnin from the law, tryin to stay low-key
Old E and D&D lace the 50 MC
Then it's back to LAX, rough beats and concepts
They know they can't smoke me so they send me bomb threats
I'm rough like sex wit my ex
Tash beat the pussy up for old times sake, and then he just
Dash to cassettes, I hold the vinyl title
Xzibit holds it down wit the rifle
I'm runnin wit the trifle, LA tell these thugs
That New York City don't need no Bloods (why?)
Cuz next comes the Crips, that's when the city flips
Niggas dyin over colors when it's all about the chips
So read it off the lips of the Alki bum-rusher
I'll fuck you up so bad Tony wouldn't wanna Touch ya