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Artist: TLC f/ Clipse
Album:  3D (Import Version)
Song:   Hands Up (Remix) *
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* bonus track outside the US; send corrections to the typist

Hands up, what
Hands up, what
Ha.. Hands up, what
Hands up, Now get cha hands up, what

[Pusha T]
I'm so stunnin' on this remix
Got fifty five thousand on the left wrist
Pink diamonds match the necklace
Jesus pink DVS'es think big, homes
Chrome, hop scotch 'em through them time zones
I'm watchin stocks on Dow-Jones
It's Clipse with TLC, who's grown?

[T-Boz, Chili]
Rollin' to the club
Stop to get my grub on
Nothin' like those Krispy Kremes
Soon as I was done
It was time to get my groove on
Find a place that's happenin'
And I knew that it was on

From the moment that I walked into the spot
It was bangin'
It was swangin' oh

Till somethin' turned me off

I wasn't sure
Coulda swore I saw you with someone
And at much to my surprise (whoa)

Chorus: x2
You were right there with your hands up in the air
You had hoochies everywhere
All on you
It's like I almost didn't know you
Tryin' to shake that ass
Playa you don't even dance
Sup wit' you
It's like I don't even know you

[T-Boz, Chili]
Left you at the crib
Cause I know you get your game on
Happens every Tuesday night
You said that you was cool
Your boys was comin' by
(Go baby have yourself a real good time) -> Pharrell?? Babyface??
So I knew I could be wrong

I was thinkin' there's no way it could be you
Not my baby
He ain't crazy no

Then my girlfriends tipped me off

When I got closer I could tell that it was you
You was bangin'
You was swangin' oh

Chorus x2

Yeah Clipse, Malicious, uh eah
Look at the rims spinnin
Matching jims grinnin
Of course this attract the attention of women
But LISTEN girlfriend do not get offended
That's the reason I rap, you in that Tennis
Simply so your self-esteem don't diminish
My attitude; It's only money, spend it
Play your part let's play the cards right
Like Tony and Carmella, Cinderella your life, uh

[Pusha T]
Twice as nice as the next man standing
You take my love for granted and I can't stand it
Brought you to Barbados tannin'
Eatin out of Kung Sales damn it, the life, huh
But you don't appreciate what's right, huh
Now it's time for me to rearrange my nights, huh
While you debatin' number two is waitin'
To replace your face and in no time he's your breadman

Chorus: x3  then end