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Artist: Timbo King
Album:  From Babylon to Timbuk2
Song:   Bar Exam
Typed by: Cno Evil

You have to test yourself everyday, gentlemen
Once you stop testing yourself, you get slow
When that happens, it's kills you

[Timbo King]
Bar exam...
Eat the literature, scriptures, poems turn into cinemas
Images from large to miniatures, we killing your senators, with shots from cylinders
Even innocent ministers, from lying in sentences
Invading your premises, since beginning of Genesis
Global armored temperatures, is stroking my penmanship
My throne made of hard labor in God's favor
Carbon written, respect thy neighbor, you slave trader, Uncle Tom hater
Great debater on both sides of the equator
Makers of the Black Market Militia layer
I build pyramids and spit prayers
To my felons in the upper tiers, send kites, use the atmosphere
Travel with me, your journey is a long quest
You now looking at the Lord's best in a wars vest
Temple of Jerusalem, tatted on his chest
I move like the speed of light, through the wilderness
My craftsmen keep the balance with the measurements
Controllers of the hands of time, cops wanna handcuff
Judges giving time, for foul crimes
I learnt how to chop down trees with Uncle Vine
And still got the ink pen when I first signed
Shadows of great pharaohs, kings who won battles
Heads put on the mantels, displayed for all viewers
Mule and forty acres, settlers versus Quakers
Fool's gold from Jacob, villain jewels to wake up
Signs of Satan, since the Reagan administration
Those who worship pagans, close to raising ravens
The evil deeds, left sinners all on bended knees
Ali Baba and them Forty Thieves, schooled by them OG's
Who played oldies, Curtis and Smokey's
It's two sides to the story, the pain and the glory, function the disorderly
So called Negro, research the info
Hackers from the projects now is cracking Sim codes
They released the man that killing Malcolm
A thirty year problem is now walking in Harlem
The 9-11 Bush call, made the levies fall
Sword on his paw, had on the letters, ya'll
Prepare for the future time, written on the wall
It's outside intelligence, natural resource
You chemical imbalanced, get a physical in knowledge
Some plead the fifth of Vodka, still wouldn't see the doctor
Laws of man, plant seeds on fertile land
Raise fam, leave rats all in life's hand
A daily plan, make two grand off of yams
A farmer can't sell wheat grass by the grams

[Chorus 2X: Timbo King]
Testing testing, all them secret teachings
I'm coming out the North Gate, this my thesis
Before the Mayflower, I discovered the East End
A civilized man coming out of them precincts