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Artist: T.I.
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head
Song:   Like That *
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* iTunes bonus track

[Intro: T.I.]
I think I know what they like
They want that, yeah
They want that, they like that
Yeah, I think I know what they like
They want that, they on that, they on that
Yea, yea, yea, yea

[Chorus: T.I.]
They want that young nigga dumb, who you with, where ya from shit
That gang bangin, rag hangin, what you claimin crunk shit
(HEY!) They like that (HEY!) They on that
(HEY!) They like that (HEY!) They want that
They want that super gutter ignorant, that new ghetto belligerent
Authentic brick flippin dope boy trap nigga shit
(HEY!) Yeah they like that (HEY!) They on that
(HEY!) They like that, yeahhh (HEY!) They want that

They want banana clippin, chicken flippin, pistol grippin roll out
Music do that shit so good cause that's the shit I know 'bout
Money over everybody, trappin when it's cold out
Give me mine grind then go shine 'til I'm sold out
(Pow) Keep a K and some yay'
No hesitation, I'll spray whoever in a nigga way
O's of that haze only thing a nigga blaze
Gang bangers in J's in projects where a nigga stay
In my baby mama Section-8 apartment
Okay now everybody know me bitch I'm hot
If you want it hoe I got it, you can fuck with me or not
Still ridin 24's, pockets full of cheddar now
If you trappin I'll be out soon as I handle my B-I
I'm tryin to dodge the FBI, who knew one day I'd be T.I.
Chevy sittin real high, same clothes still fly
That's the shit them young niggaz out there wanna hear about


Gangsta walkin, see me approach with caution
Louis belt around my waistline, pistol hangin off it
Fuck them niggaz who be talkin, they can get it if they want it
Still hangin on the corner, slang crack and marijuana
Ahh (ahh) still the man in my trap
Disappeared from the Feds, they ran in my trap
Took a half-ki', hundred grand, and my strap
Only thing I got now is the 9 in my lap
Better double, triple it, whip it, get it to sellin
Get rich and get out the game 'fore snitches can get to tellin
Magician with it Magellan, already a felon
Ain't even fired up the 'dro and they already can smell it
Wee hours of the morn' I'ma hustle 'til it's all gone
Nigga better recognize my grind
Bankroll over all, never mind my shine
If ya bangin let me see your gang sign one time


Trap nigga, know I spent my whole life in that shit
And still ridin with me cause they like that shit
Yeah they like that (HEY!) Okay, they on that
(HEY!) They like that, yeahhh (HEY!) They want that
Spit it how I used to live it, I ain't writin that shit
Like I'm right in that shit, that's why they like that shit, hey
(HEY!) Yeah they like that (HEY!) They on that
(HEY!) They like that, yeahhh (HEY!) They want that


[Outro: T.I.]
Trouble Man in this muh'fucker partner
Dope boys stand up, trap niggaz what's happenin?
Yeahhh, Bankhead's own, A-Town's very best nigga
Yeah, it's the King, BITCH!
Okay, Hustle Gang nigga
G.D.O.D. - Get Dough Or Die nigga
You don't like it nigga beat me at a bankroll nigga
Yeah, rubber bands on these motherfuckers
BOW! Nigga what you gon' do about me?