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Artist: T.I.
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head
Song:   The Introduction
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[Intro: sample of "Trouble Man" by Marvin Gaye]
"I come apart baby, but now I'm fine
 I'm checkin trouble sure, movin down the line
 I come apart baby, but that's okay
 Cause, Trouble Man, don't get in my way"

I'm just a hood nigga, I ain't never had shit
Just a bad attitude and a bad bitch
Duffle bag full of tools and a half brick
30, 40, 50 grand in the mattress
Livin on the edge just a habit dawg
I'm fucked up in the head, I don't have it all
Ball like a dog, push it to the limit
'Bout my business, tryin to keep from lettin pussy niggaz in it
My priorities as followed, God first then the fam
Then the hustle then the money, failure ain't in the plan
Satan on my heel, he don't want me to advance
I tell him to go hell, sucka catch me if you can
Shit I am who I am, fresh up outta apologies
Sometimes I ain't get in trouble, trouble got in me
Guess it follows me, but I stays on my hustle man
Still the motherfuckin man, you can call me {"Trouble Man"}

[Chorus 2X: T.I.]
Trouble Man always in trouble man
Grand Hustle man, I'm the muh'fuckin man
Trouble man stays in some trouble man
Bank rolls, rubber band, you can call me {"Trouble Man"}

Drugs and rock'n'roll, hoe you know how I roll
Just left the crossroads, my soul, unsold
Frigerated console, the curtains on my car do'
Raw hoe, caviar, sushi and escargot
Everywhere I go fresh to death and clean as a bar of soap
Gettin blowed like trumpets in the wind in Chicago
God knows I'm hot as El Diablo
Wrist rockier than Colorado walk road
Also my flows I'm takin back, although
My art's so Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso
The rain gon' come down on yo' head like tarp holes
I guess these other rappers that's cool as far as soft goes
Sorry Charlie, party's over shawty, shop closed
King home, bank roll on King Kong
Got these suckas in my scope with the beam on
Prayin for my downfall? You can dream on
Next year I'm back in the Maybach gettin my lean on
Trouble ain't changed me; role model ain't me
Don't be angry now if I'm on the same street and make a U-turn
Haven't you learned? I'm {"Trouble Man"}


Weight on my shoulders, chose to squat with it
Real niggaz say I kick it the same way 'Pac did it
Tell all them sucka niggaz what the biz is
Upset cause they can't do they thang like he did here
Shit, another year another bid done
No chump change, big bank millions
Yuh, my money old but I'm still young
Them niggaz lookin for some drama I'ma give 'em some
No more beef, a pimp'll say goodbye to red meat
But cross a nigga path and you're dead meat
Remain on my game time after time
'97 college basehead, 99 dime
'98 had polices on 285 flyin
Skip where you meet K.P. and L.A. Reid, got signed
Cut to the present and the rap game mine
Some things never change, it remains I'm {"Trouble Man"}