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Artist: T.I. f/ Cee-Lo Green, Pharrell
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head
Song:   Hello
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[Intro: Pharrell]
Sk8brd, T.I., here we go

[Chorus: Cee-Lo Green] + (Pharrell)
Just keep goin and don't look back
And look forward from where you're at (hahaha)
There's some jealousy in your rearview
Wave hello, hello, hello (yessir, here we go~!)
Push that pedal to the max
Count that money that's in your lap
There's some jealousy in your rearview
Hello, hello, hello (everybody, they gon' sing this)
Hellooooo-ohhhh-ohhhh (haha)
Hellooooo-ohhhh-ohhhh (let's go, let's go)
Wave hello, hello, hello! (OW~!)

Ay; mashin in the fast lane, envy in my rearview
Mil's in my windshield, keep 'em in the clear view
Cheers to my partners who got it, we finally did it
And here's to the ones with potential to go and get it
We survived yesterday, foreign ride connoisseurs
Poppin fly today, tomorrow ain't promised to us
Grind hard for dirty money but our hearts' pure
Steady mobbin on these suckas, man they so funny to us
Broke niggaz all smiles, when they run into us
Get by theyself they talkin tough but don't do nuttin to us
Call theyselves paper chasin, when wealth be runnin to us
You violate the puppet master gets your string pulled
Hustle Gang, King Team, label me the ringleader
Just showin haters the tail lights of my two-seaters
Two heaters with me in the ride but I don't need 'em though
Left evil behind me, that's where I plan to keep it, go~!


Ay; I hustle hard, forever shine, pay haters no never-mind
Won't stop until we poppin bottles at the finish line
Never been the quittin kind, spirit, ain't no killin mine
I'm gettin mine, you don't like it nigga get in line
So many times I've shown dudes I won't lose
Time's precious but waste yours if you want to
Hey I made it and you didn't, for that I ain't to blame
Won't change a thang, the circumstances remain the same
Can't complain, I'm highly favored, my flavor's God-given
So used to hate appreciation is a odd feelin
Still I stay focused on the millions tryin to dodge prison
Prayin askin for forgiveness hopin God listen
As far as dissin me pimpin go 'head and have a ball
Meanwhile I'm gettin bread determined to have it all
I'm talkin money sonny, if ain't none of that involved
why is we conversin? This vehicle ain't reversin, go~!


[Outro: Pharrell]
Hey! Haha, let's go
Hands up, hands up!
Haha, get 'em Tip!