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Artist: T.I. f/ Trae Tha Truth
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head
Song:   Check This Dig That *
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* Best Buy bonus track

[Intro: T.I.]
Yeah, hey, yeah, hey, hey
I say now check this, dig that
D-d-dig that, d-d-dig that, hey

[Chorus: T.I.]
Check this, dig that, you know I be gettin that
money in them big stacks, you broke I can fix that
Yeahhhh, you broke I can fix that
Yeahhhh, hey hey hey, I say now
Check this, dig that, you know I be gettin that
money in them big stacks, you broke I can fix that
Yeahhhh, hey come and see me I can fix that
Yeahhhh, hey, hey gettin money nigga

I'm gettin my hustle on and I'm rollin, got whatever gettin that paper
Fresh out of prison I'm glowin, middle finger right at them haters
Get yo' chick befo' she gets stolen, one of my partners surely may take her
Send her back to you pussy swollen, so and messed up just like her makeup
Got an elephant mirror it's flawless, I remember all of y'all who was talkin
Got a good mind to run in yo' office, whoop yo' ass in front of yo' bosses
My partner died in my honor, I'm responsible for his momma
His daughter too, I bet you she can go whatever college she wanna
Still wrap rubber bands on my bankroll, broke somethin I can't go
Bitch yellin out I'm the shit, I'm like "Tell me somethin I ain't know"
My broker costs and my stocks is, up 20% so my profits
increasin even in my absence so my attitude is obnoxious
Contract almost expired, they get one more album off it
Best go tell {?}, make my contract big as Bosh is
Got bitches on my sausage, and Federales watchin
Just one more year of paper then I'm back to blowin broccoli


[Trae Tha Truth]
Yeah, I'm the king of Texas I put on, on the block tryin to put the whole hood on
Stay stiff while them other niggaz stood wrong, street shit only thing a nigga still on
My niggaz don't dip, full of same shit like Suge, attitude fucked, they sippin good
Tell them I got a million, never gotta worry about a thing, I represent it the best I could
Stackin pape' when I rap, shit get flipped and I'm back to the trap
Trunk locked up with somethin that clap, if you don't get that then bitch'll get slapped
Bitch I'll pop up, get this proper, probably in the hood same place I got shot up
I won't be stopped, probably while you niggaz sleep, money gettin big like look what I got up
You ain't seen that DJ cut up on that drop, chain stay icy, bitch I stay hot
Yeah I'm Truth, that's what you not, it's my time, fuck yo' plot
I got my team strong and my guns loaded, city mine, the whole hood voted
This murder business, they know I showed it, suicide both doors, floated
Me and Tip, G.D.O.D., got that work, C.O.D.
Yeah they livin free, you gotta pay a fee, that talkin cool but ain't shit to me
Broke, I'll be damned if I go back, this Hustle Gang and you know that
We earn respect so you owe that, with a middle finger like hold that (hold that)


So many lames, so much to say, but that's another topic for another day
They know face-to-face I clown nigga, why you ain't talkin shit now nigga?
Don't try to dap me up, you ain't down with us, am I angry bitch? Don't I sound bitter?
Cause I'm so sincere, it's so severe that you know through all that I persevere
I die tomorrow, my hopes is there will be suckers left for my ghost to fear
I got no compassion, no understandin, like y'all bitch-ass is so under-handed
My rational is all reprimanded, just smash the gas, take full advantage
My patient short and my temper bad, so you'll find me everywhere ye ain't at
The best you got you better bring that, you wanna take me out, you can't fake me out
When they let me out you wanna help me out, nigga did these moves, come check me out
Me and Doug in the drop-top, bet we out, head to the bank with a check we got
One thing ain't no question 'bout, if not more I'm just as hot
Okay scratch that shit I'm spazzin out, big bankrolls I'm passin out
I'll hug yo' hoe she passin out, before she hit the ground I'm mashin out
I'm bossin up and I'm stayin down, got racks on racks just layin 'round
Big bank nigga ain't no playin 'round, you wanna check it again, I bet you didn't now