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Artist: T.I. f/ R. Kelly
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head
Song:   Can You Learn
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[Intro: R. Kelly]
Ayy, I got a question for the ladies out there
Cause there's a few things, that I would like to know
Before I fuck with you

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Ohhhh baby! Could you learn
Could you learn to love a troubled man?
Yeahhh, ay
Ohhhh baby! Could you learn
Could you learn to love a troubled man?

Ay shawty
I got a question for you
Real talk, think so? Ay

You sure you wanna roll with me? I'm a complicated man
Live my life close to the edge, it ain't even safe to stand
I'm, +Trouble Man+, always into somethin
Numb to the consequences, guess it's comin if it's comin
But so much shit they say that I can't do because I'm famous
Guess I should live in a bubble like these other entertainers
The danger's so enticin to me I don't even notice it
Guess I get away or get arrested 'fore it's over with
Prison sentence every year, got e'rybody after me
Reaper on my heels, I'm just prayin he don't catch a G
Imagine me and you, somewhere happy with a few hundred mil's
Still I could go to jail for some years
Cause I push it to the limit, the danger's so excitin
I'm lovin every minute, girl this life ain't nothin like it
And you only live once, so as long as I'm alive
I'll be livin on the edge, shawty sure you wanna ride?


Yeah, ay, ay
Ay they say if the drugs ain't the death of me the lifestyle will be
Law keep arrestin me, sucker wanna kill me
Still we in the fast lane, grind break, neck speed
A million dollar sports car, smokin on the best weed
Fistfights in night clubs from rap beefs
Shootings, retaliations, yeah it's that deep
I guess they just got to catch me when they catch me
cause I'm puttin it in they life if they attempt to disrespect me
Especially since I know they say what go around come around
That's why when we go around I keep a gun around
Cause bullshit, there be none around here
But I got a secret though, I wanna change, I swear
But suckers won't let me, and Feds still sweat me
So I'm lookin for the worst to have you prayin for the best
Think you can help me if they get me? Could you handle shit for me?
Think about it, is you 'bout it? Shawty answer this for me


[T.I. - during Chorus]
Ay say
Think you can learn to love a nigga like me?
I know what I need, but it's worth it though
Ay, ay
Just think about it for a second
I mean, could you find it in your heart?
I deserve it

[R. Kelly] + (T.I.)
Girl would you give me yo' number? (tell the truth)
If I had a okay car (yeah) not much money (uh-huh)
A 9-to-5, with a future on me, OHH! (I'm talkin 'bout me 15 years ago)
Tell me would you ever fuck with a brother like me? (would you?)
If I did time in my life (yeah) time-time in my life (ay)
Time-time in my life (haha) time-time in my life (oh) ohhh
Tell me, would you give your sex to me? (I really wanna know)
If I was fightin in the club, fightin-fightin in the club (sometimes)
Fightin-fightin in the club, fightin-fightin in the club
HEY THERE LADY~! Hey lady (clap with me one time ladies)
Could you learn - could you learn (hold your hands up)
Learn to love a troubled man, ay, ay, HEY, HEY!
(If you got a drink I need you to put that in the air as well, okay?)
HEY BABY~! (Yeah) Could you learn - tell me could you learn
Could you learn to love a troubled man?

[Outro: T.I.] + (R. Kelly)
I mean if you knew he was really really a good-hearted person man
Do you think you could put all the bullshit to the side man?
(Hey, I was born in these streets, and raised in these streets)
I mean, if you saw the good qualities within man could you
(And by the grace of God I'm discovered in these streets)
Could you, like, kinda ignore a lot of the bullshit on the outside man?
(Baby all I need you to do is listen to my story!)
I'm a product of my environment man, y'knowmsayin?
(I was born in these streets, raised in these streets)
I, I can only act as good as life allows me to act, y'knowmsayin?
(And by the grace of God I'm discovered in these streets)
So, what I need is a good influence like you, know'msayin?
You think you can find it in your heart to find me the light here for so, y'know
Somewhere, y'know, and, let a nigga owe somethin right quick to you while we at it