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Artist: T.I.
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head
Song:   Addresses
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Ay, ay ay

[Chorus: T.I.]
Ay e'rything ain't what it seem, ride dirty when I'm clean
Best check that disrespect unless you want it with the king
Put a address on that shit, who you talkin 'bout? What you mean?
Wanna see me in the street better bring some extra magazine
All that flexin and that poppin you be doin for them hoes
I would run up with that chopper, give it to you and them hoes
I, for sure stunt, keep the dough comin
Man them suckas talkin tough but trust me they ain't on nothin

Ay listen to me bruh, don't bring that bullshit to me bruh
Ain't no back and forth my nigga; fuck with me I'm torchin niggaz
Don't go to war unless your money right
Room full of money hundreds, not a 1 in sight
Right? Hey look, I can't afford a gunfight
Hah~! But I can afford one life
All on that sucka shit, you broke and now you so upset
All that shit you kick around the city gets you no respect
I know a rap beef what you want, that shit I peeped then
You such a gangsta get some money out the street then
Been in the game for 11 years, if I was such a hoe
Nigga I'da been exposed 10 years ago
Never been robbed, never got my chain took
Never even been hit in my face, you don't believe? Look!
And people lookin at me back when I was trigger happy
It wasn't no shoutin matches, I just got to get nappy!


I swear to God another day another fuck nigga
That's why I just get that paper, be like fuck nigga
Sucka nigga, you were tough but now you done some
I'm done talkin, bust your gun, wanna run some
Hate to turn yo' TV on e'ry week and see my +Family Hustle+
And e'rybody on yo' street just see yo' family struggle
What happened bruh? Guess your connect just be like fuck 'em dawg
No money when I see, I see you I see none at all
That check I'm chasin after, never mind them hater rapper
Make they situation sticky like a Now and Later wrapper
Been +Fuckin Cities Up+, this shit ain't shit to us
Keep on I'll show these folks on tape how you a sittin duck