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Artist: T.I. f/ Trey Songz, Young Dro
Album:  No Mercy
Song:   Strip
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[Intro/Break - Trey Songz]
Uh huh
Come here

[Chorus - Trey Songz]
After the club strip, when I get you home strip
We on that grown shit, baby hop up on this
You ain't never met another guy like me
And when the valet pull up, shorty ride with me

I'm a take ya clothes all off (strip), take ya clothes all off (strip)
Clothes off (strip), clothes off (strip), clothes all off (strip)

I take my clothes all off (strip), take my clothes all off (strip)
Take my clothes (strip), clothes (strip), clothes all off (strip, woo-ooh)

[Verse 1 - T.I.]
Hey, we could buy the whole bar but when the club close off
We immediately rode off, to the old loft
You know what I told y'all, we pull up, your clothes off
Twist it, fill the whole house, they trippin, drop them hoes off
Okay, no panties, no bra, no shoes, no socks
See how cute your toes are, they goin good so far
They trippin, strippin, goin in, drinkin, smokin, rollin
Twist it, wet it, oh shit, spray, Trey say, put your nose in
First round, goin down, pop another, go again
Panic to the floor again, fuck her 'til she sore again
Pimpin in motion, all sex and no emotion
I don't love any one of you, I fuck whoever's closest
We be on that grown shit, that gangster Al Capone shit
You know what you gon' get, strong back, long dick
You say "no, that's the wrong shit", that won't get you home with
Us, you hear this song bitch? No, if us you goin with


[Verse 2 - Young Dro]
Hey, hey yo, hey check this
Hey shorty, pockets fat, Roger that, Versace coat, Versace hat
Prada bag, shorty bad, ATL, model that
Dro, soon as she proceed to strip, I get on top of that
Doggystyle splash, arch your back up girl, holla back
We off up in the club, ain't too much that we can do in here
But pop a couple bottles and see who I wanna screw in here
Orion Bentley coupé tonight, I can't fit nothin but two in here
Your girl was on that Red Bull, I think that bra flew in here
Bubblegum game, tell that chick I want some chew in here
If all these broads strip tonight, I might just find my boo in here
I'm a leave from the club, show up at the house
Pink Rose', shorty want it in her mouth
I'm a show her what I'm about, when I push shorty's head down south
Tell her "go' head, blow a nigga out"
I'm showin out, watchin my behavior, I got flavor
The sex I have, I'm always, wakin up my neighbors
And everytime I see them hoes, I shock 'em like a Taser
And when I leave the club, only dick is what I gave her (Dro ...)


[Break] - 2X