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Artist: T.I. f/ Shun Hendrix
Album:  No Mercy
Song:   Follow Your Dreams *
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* iTunes bonus track

[Chorus: Shun Hendrix] + (T.I.)
Follow your dreams, don't give up
(Don't ever listen when they tell ya you're gonna be a failure)
Believe in yourself, that's enough
(Remember anything's possible, believe is all you got to do)
Forever follow your dreams, don't give up
(Don't let 'em tell you what you cain't do just because they ain't you)
Believe in yourself, that's enough
(The sky the limit, want it all you gotta do is get it homie)

A message to the youth, remember you can do
anything you pursue, look at me, I'm livin proof
It's a piece of me and you, it ain't a lot that's different 'bout us
Nobody ever thought I'd live to see a million dollars
Remeber I was hustlin just to fix up my Impala
And now you oughta see the kind of rides I hop up out of
Convertible Mercedes, look at haters like "Holla!"
Reclinin terracotta, I don't owe you guys nada
All they did is secondhand as I pass by
I'm that fly, so they gon' hate and I don't ask why
Hey never mind, keep your head to the sky dawg
Remember nothin beats a failure but a try dawg
Don't listen to 'em when they say it cain't happen
Just let it go in this here, and right-eye doubt one
J. keep mashin on 'em laughin, soon you'll be passin
all they broke asses better than you imagined


Ay, the same message on the second continue from verse one
You let 'em trick you out of your dreams they work's done
The only purpose for some is take yo' eyes off the prize
and to keep you from succeedin, see they willin to die
Let's say one day you cross paths, end up killin the guy
Never make it, go to the pen, now you let him win
Man, now here he is with a big-ass grin
Laughin at you from the grave cause you ain't get paid
Hey the same ones that call you a sucker today
'll laugh at you tomorrow when the feds take you away (ay listen)
Once upon a time there was a guy named J.
"And he would never make it managin T.I." they say
He'da quit right then if they'da had they way
Instead he quit his job, hustle hard night and day
Dropped a album on his artist though nobody never heard of him
Mighty sales but the mixtapes murdered 'em
Got off the label, seen the haters on the inspire
Him done turned Grand Hustle to an empire
And POOF, out the hood he blew
If not me, J. Geter, that could be you