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Artist: T.I.
Album:  Paper Trail: Case Closed
Song:   Hell of a Life
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Ay, ay...
It's the King representin once more, ya understand?
When people see me on Bankhead.. 
Man the folks start pointin, screamin, and wavin, and yellin and...
I'm talumbout man, ay look mayne y'know I'm sayin..
I don't wanna roll over no toes in my Rolls, you dig what I'm sayin?
Y'all just back up, let a pimp pass through, you dig? 

The Beamers, Bentley's, double Maserati's 
Every time I see you, shawty where ya headin tonight? 
(Hey, where ya headin shawty?)
Sellin out arenas, chicks wit asses like Serena 
Man, shawty live a hell of a life (I'm tryna tell ya shawty)
It's a hell of a liiiiiiiife man, shawty live a hell of a liiiiiife...
(That's how it is, real talk, true story)
I ain't tellin no liiiiie man, shawty live a hell of a liiiiife...
(That's how it is, real talk, true story)

[Verse 1ne]
Y'know, shawty goin extra hard when they release his passport 
Why I need a credit card? What you thank this cash for? (What?!)
Hit the dealership and give 'em every dime he ask for 
Just so I can see two-hunnid sixty on the dashboard 
If shinin 'gainst the law, somebody better get the task force 
Find me hoes, lemme, lemme fuck 'em 'til their ass hoarse 
Pimpin' 101, just come and see me take a crash course 
You wanna count my money, go to college, need a math course 
On a Mach-dash-4, a hunnid milligram-y 
Breakneck speed 'til I see a billi comin 
I'm filthy rich and hungry, feel the crumblin in my stomach
I'm still stuntin off the chain, chasin nothin but some money 
Put a couple pair of cools like I'm playin gin rummy 
No cards, just broads when a nigga dick hard 
Flooded offshore Auto Mart, lookin like a car start 
Put it in her wristwatch, ballin like a big shot 


[Verse 2wo]
Swag on fully, no semi, hoe hear me?
Bankrolls, no pennies, drop Rolls/roles, no Emmy's 
Street cred, no blemish, credit card, no limit 
You want Bankhead to spot a drop head, I'm in it! 
And bendin, a couple corners, hoppin on 20
Wit three or four women givin love like tennis 
I'm about just where her chin is, giving me the bih'ness
While I'm ridin through the city, gag, swallow, no spittin 
Livin life, like I just got out of prison Wednesday night 
If yo' chick is in my sight, then that chick is gettin right 
And I know niggaz now with bitches think I'm hittin it and they right 
They keep my name up out dey mouth and mind dey business, dey aight 
Hey aight, if you hear me say aight, okay, aight? 
'Cause you know I got dem goons with me and I pay aight 
And they would like to see me broke or back to prison see me go 
But instead they see me ballin, stuntin, everywhere we go - GO!


Money won't fall, pockets on swole
Rubberband keep poppin out my {?}
(I ain't tellin no liiiiie man, shawty live a hell of a liiiiife...)
(That's how it is, real talk, true story)
Brand new car fill my brand new chicks
A hunnid bands right quick to see ya man doin biz
(I ain't tellin no liiiiie man, shawty live a hell of a liiiiife...)
(That's how it is, real talk, true story)