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Artist: Three 6 Mafia (Triple Six Mafia)
Album:  Underground Vol. 2 - Club Memphis
Song:   Suck a Nigga's Dick Pt. II
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[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Suck a nigga dick
Suck a nigga dick
Suck a nigga dick, take a lick bitch

[Lord Infamous]
Some silly slut bitches be itchin to this, cuz my nigga snitched
All of the fellas be numb when they lick-ity lickin up under the dick-ity dick
And you mad ho, cuz we told, let your tounge up booty hole
Suckin on the niggity-nuts, gettin that pimp stick their butt
Them Kim and them Kiki freaks, love to taste the dick meat
Nasty trashy hoes that got that nut piss on their cheeks
Don't forget one named Kim the other Kiki
Triflin ass sluts that love to taste the pee pee
I heard that the hoes had start smokin coke
Garglin on the sperm like some motherfuckin Scope
Flirty, dirty, hoes that slurp thee, dick
Kim and Kiki pullin in the nut, they don't spit
Goddamn them some filthy ass tricks
The hoes too ugly for a fuckin description
But they always keep a goddamn penicilin prescription
Them hoes greedy with the dick, they don't take turns
The hoes got third degree knee carpet burns
You wanna know, Lord Infamous said so ho


[Juicy J]
The buck-est on the motherfuckin scene about to cum real mean on some dick suckers
You fucked with the wrong team, of niggaz
and now I gotta tell what you do, what you do
Kim do you remember when you fuck two of my niggaz, my niggaz
Were lookin for a booty eatin ho you little nasty ass tricks
Take it slow (Don't-don't rush it)
These bitches I hope you ride but these nuts you gotta bust it


[DJ Paul]
DJ Paul, sat on the wall
once again bout to get his dick suck by the bitch named...
So once again it's on tonight
We hooked up with two dick suckers known to chew a nigga right
And ain't no stoppin it when you go to get the chewin free
Pistol on it where it should be,but you gotta know that Kiki
She don't give a fuck about the lil money spot
All she wanna do is take the dick in mouth bout nine o'clock
She ain't shit, but I just love the bitch
The only thing on her mind is layin her tongue on the dick
And that trick Kim is so motherfuckin shot
She will suck my dick coughin up blood, nut and snot
I seen the ho sip piss out the toilet
Spit it in a pot, turn the high on and boil it
Some bitches be suckin that dick and be thinkin the niggaz are gonna chew them too
But not these lil hoes, these hoes don't want the chewin, they just wanna chew you
Stab it in her mouth, stab it in her mouth
Rub your fingers through her car, now these hoes won't stop until you drop
That's how I did 'em, I promised I wouldn't snitch this
Crystal's-working-in-Whitehaven and Haven View bit-ches
Now, let me give you something to think about
When I ride bitches I'm plannin to take you out
I got my three-eighty on her lap around her pussy
You gon be capped and left, lying on a bloody sheet bitch