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Artist: Three 6 Mafia
Album:  Underground, Vol. 1: 1991-1994
Song:   Now I'm High, Really High
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Triple six triple six triple six smoked out 
Now I'm high really high mayne I'm about to shout

(Lord Infamous)
The end is creating illusions
the substance infesting my brain cell is causing confusion
I picture teflon in slow motion
It's piercin threw flesh
and continues to cruisin
Wait think straight 
Don't haste paste penetrate
Face ace sake place base damn I think I'm crazed
Terrors the error no errors
Within my terror
Are you scared of 6
Double S'six demonically elegant elements
A manic depressive agressiveness stress me bitch 
And you will feel the strength of my weapons kick 
Tric-kory hic-kory dickory dock
I smoke top notch bud crop drop
The D the 0 the P the E 
I need the B the L the UNT
Because that green power flower got much luv
I tell you don't fuck with the triple six mane
'Cause you know that we on dem drugs
Damn I'm going off with this blunt
Outter space rock Lord Infamous 
I keep clouds of smoke flyin out my mouttttttttttttttttttttth

chorus 4x

(Koopsta Knicca)
Who's that bustnub in my do'
Was whet and slow, I hit flo'
They shot up all my niggas
In the kichen flippin' dominos 
Blood al on my leger
Whipe this shit up to my fuckin' head
Count them trizzy slippin'
Buck them bustem bitches dead
Peace out to my niggas Timmy killa than my broadies
My mommy said there be day like this
But my daddy never told me
And that's for al my hard lead twisted on my dreads
I'm scaredddd a nigga deaddddd
Is in my fuckin' head
Thinkin' I would hesitate 
And wait to buck yo bitches down
Read up on my tiss nigga
Cause I aint no damn hologram
But I'm clickin whit that quickness 
Like a sickness from that triple 6
Drop you winnin a splander 
Cut you up like Jeffres Damas bitch
Really high could curly spirin'
A Nigga try to flex up this 
The motherfucker take you get some (shots)
Up in yo neck
And when see you the Koopsta Knicca
He's a fuckin redrum
Run run run fo' I leave ya damn body numb