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Artist: Three 6 Mafia
Album:  The End
Song:   Body Parts
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[K RoC ]
Hoe, I  gotta my Prophet Posse right behind me 
Throw a chump 
and run a man through da crowd 
He gonna give me sumthin 
Brap Rap my niggas 
And step em when K- Rocin 
Dont fuck with dis, see 
See if u wit me 
if u wit me 
We buck em down 
We buck em down 
Only one 
Comin out of that back door 
slangin my yae-o 
rollin on them po-poes 
dropin that viper 
smokin that indo 
makin that bank roll 
Stupid ass bithes 
dont you know 
Killa Klan Kaze playas makin them profits 

[MC Mac]
chillin down on the lower level 
waitin for my time to come 
with this fool 
a million styles 
maybe i just might make bond 
release me on my own 
???? bak on the streets 
with no employment 
no doubt 
without no cheese up in my pocket 
tell me how can I have enjoyment 
throughout my life 
say mo shit 
knowin MC Mac dont love no bitch 
because if I loved them 
I cant trust em 
breakin this rocks gonna make me rich 
the Kaze 
my Klan 
my click 
must buck 
cuz theres no testin us 
pop em and drop em 
lock em and top em 
all up in my trunk 

[M Child]
dynamite I'm tossin 
hatas crossin 
its da end bitch 
u runnin into bullet proof 
hoe, we still da Triple 6 
Prophet to da P 
earsin niggas that wanna skrive 
with flows of horror 
I'm droppin like Steven Speilberg 
deep into da  mound 
aint nuttin but killas up in da dark 
I'm creepin with the hatchet 
with slicin bodyparts in da park 
moon full of blood 
could it be another Jeffrey Dahmer 
I'm sneakin 
and creepin 
and blowin up shit like da Una Bomber 

[Indo G]
rollin wit da devil on da level 
dig yo ditch 
wit da hi-ka 
on da mi-ka 
I'll make youre ass wish 
ass i pull out my glock 
and i'm ready to pop 
on de bitch 
sissy muthafucka 
brinin da ruckus 
i'm brining my niggas because we dont stop dis shit 
yea do Triple 6 
brang it real 
mutafuka down to pack a steal 
still i fuk a fly 
I pac a real 
real on da mic 
like Evander Holyfeild 

[Crunchy Black]
theres no cries in my life 
theres no game that i would play 
some people say that if u play a game 
then man you get em played 
back on you 
I thought u knew 
you shouldn't have neva dissed this click 
the 3 6 Mafia 
we popin 
that got u bitches sick 

[Koopsta Knicca]
I've neva be brothin 
Koopsta stands out from the niggas 
who thinkin they hard 
I flow up to star 
bust in like you da boss 
Kaze got my back 
now watch how quickly I react wit that 
boom boom boom 
Juicy,Paul,and Scarecrow 
are rollin in that bucket low 
and they causin some static 
so they reached and grabbed them 44s 
fuckin wit my nigga Black 
hes stackin 
plus his pimpin 
got real on da peal 
hoes gonna feel me 

[Lord Infamous]
shut the fuck up bitch 
its Infamous 
youre ass betta not scream 
dont make me hafta wipe 
urer muthafuckin brains off my sheets 
I'm gonna burn u 
watch u burning 
like my bad dreams 
give you to da beast in the pit of hades 
thunder rolls 
stormy black clouds 
I stole the 7th seal 
then the angel cried 
thats Scarecrow 
i love u 
I wanna bang with u forever 
but u too evil though 
we gonna give u to the devil 

[Gangsta Boo]
whats up do u wanna come against me 
do u wanna get ure ass earsed off the m-a-p 
devils daughter comin out 
nigga betta watch out 
because you got the queen of sins 
nigga I'm gonna turn it out 
comin to u mean 
because its in me to fuck u up 
listen here dude 
its a ride 
so just buckle up 
smokin on a fuckin blunts 
till my minds about to blow 
motherfuck the universe 
because we brought u da end, hoe 

[Juicy J]
first I want to grab a nigga by his neck 
drag em to my fuckin set 
take the nigga blow 
and his cheese 
and them cigarettes 
put my gun up to his nose 
tie em up form head to toe 
take the bitch to EverGreen 
throw em in da bayou 
call my niggas 
D and Blue 
Project Pat yall know what to do 
creep through the streets 
with them thangs 
blast on any fool 
Triple 6 killas 
in this motherfucker runnin shit 
if u wanna playa hate the click 
then you done with 

[Gangsta Blac]
gotta keep my head up 
no need for me to stop it 
get stuck 
so ruck wit luck 
as to rollin 
because Gansta Blac cant get fucked 
look fool we creepin on Ken 
from Martin Luther and we wit me 
aint nuttin but Prophet and thugs 
and S-P-Vs all up in me 
rimie sippin 
while trippin 
while rippin coners wit Juice 
women rippin 
while dippin 
and aint no stoppin this dude 
so if yo bank aint on swoll 
aint no stoppin the Prophet 
thats who was straight for the eight 
and look who in it and out it 

[DJ Paul]
look in da eyes of a mad man 
shoot em in the head man 
level on dat coco 
Playa stata calla 
da balla 
Killa Man 
fill the man with slugs 
when I'm full of drugs 
trust I'm on ya fool 
drug and a fuck em up 
cant stand 
in the first round fool 
down and what u learned to do 
but you aint got the right tools 
clowin on ure new C.D. 
now hoe tell me what that proved 
I aint seen shit new 
check ya bunch of bodies out of film 
the Prophet Posse let ya live 
we'll kill ya next year 


kill em 
and robb em 
and beat em 
and dump all they bodyparts into my trunk 

all the niggas that was in da shit 
just diss niggas and give shouts out to they hoods