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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Human Emergency
Song:   The Light
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[ Hook ]
The Light of Christ is a blazin' one
There's a fight to live right and it's major son
But the grace has come so we praise the Son
And celebrate Him 'cause we know what He saved us from

[ Verse 1 ]
I get the chills every time I get to spill
Cause it's a thrill to put Christ on a pedestal
Cause men are in sin and death you can bet it's real
But He can take you out and won't make you get the bill
So were tellin' all men we're exhaltin' that Hero
That paid the fee, making you free like Net Zero
What an offer yall should bum-rush the alter
Call to the Lord in any season, He'll salt ya
I ask you, "Don't you know wrath is coming at you?"
But where the Spirit is their liberty with out the statue
Peace ­ Sword…Please Lord
There's a debt but we don't have the "cheese" for it
Man's tough but he can't seem to break sin's handcuffs
Proving to be the flake he is like dandruff
And plus at his core man's dust, man shucks
Surrender, come to God with your hands up

[Repeat Hook ]

[ Verse 2 ]
True Christian people get the mad "Big Ups!"
Cause life can jerk you like some bad hick-ups
But your God fights you only spar
Facing drama and trauma like you're on E.R.
But you're victorious in fact already glorious
God said it, I'm just repeating what the story is
But let me set it…straight all the credit
Goes to the Lord don't forget it
If you never get a Grammy get the Name and let it ring
All praise Jesus aka Elohim
Who rules everything, you're every kings King
Lord you outshine every "Bling-Bling"
Doing your "thing" so well you should get a prize your so Nobel
Peace you're the prince of it…angels scream, "Noel!"
Cause you're the Most High but oh my you play the low well
A manger?  They should have made room in the hotel
The human race as a whole fell
So now life is short like a mobile phone with a low cell
Can't believe you died when we were screamin' "Go hell"
A people sure to perish like a turtle with no shell
You know well Satan tricks man, pulling him down like quicksand
And got them thinking their a Christian.
We better recognize who you are
Heaven and earth's true Superstar

[ Bridge ]
House hold of faith now raise'm up
If you're living by grace now raise'm up
If you're seeking God's face now raise'm up
All my people in the place now raise'm up

[ Verse 3 ]
Jesus, Jesus---yall know the Name
But yall ain't feelin' Him like Novocain
I know yall think we're so insane
But it don't matter because we're not going for fame
Or flowin' for gain, you know we gotta go in His Name
The same God who's sovereign
Came in a human frame from heaven to earth like falling rain
So that we could call His Name and be born again
We know the God who's controlling things
The Living Water like Poland Springs
Who went away but He's coming back like boomerangs
Until then all of creation groans in pain
Cause sin's got the world locked like a ball and chain.
I get the hunch like Notre Dame.
That many Christians won't expose sin or exalt the Name
But that's the thing that get our names in heaven's hall of fame.