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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Human Emergency
Song:   Remember
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Jehovah Elkaborge
A.k.a. the God of war, God of flesh
Who could tear you to pieces like carnivores
The blessed, majestic one who's glorious
Was known to other nations as notorious
Cause of His terrible acts
Battles didn't last a half a days length
Not the way the Lord God parade strength
It didn't make sense < How he'd crush his enemies
In His mercies have the strongest man
On bended knee
Relentlessly, exposing human shame
Making a mockery of human fame
The consuming flame
Showering brimstone, men thrown,
Cause they refuse the one seated on gem stones
Enthroned with power and majesty
It was tragedy to face God's armies
The result was casualties and pillage
But men had to feel this holy spillage
On who's god was the realest
The God of Israel be the illest
Who owns cattle on a thousand hills?
Who can slay any army on the battle field?
The Lord
Peep His splendor ya'll
Wave the white flag, surrender all
To the one who makes top contenders fall
Snatching crowns off kings
Cutting short their off springs
He's shocking
More than what a thousand volts brings
Ask the king of Egypt
How deep is the ocean floor
Ask Isaiah about when he saw the Lord
Ask king Neb who put him on all fours
To eat with the beats until his pride was no more
It's clear, We don't know who we're dealing with here
For years He's taken fools and filled them with fear
Jesus, the underdog is Judge of all
Keeping tabs on the deeds of men like number logs
When the Son strikes watch thunder fall
And cut asunder all
Who rejects the one who makes the winter spring and the summer fall
Reject Christ you'll regret it
Truth is what your getting
Off is how we set it
Off is how we let it
Narrows the path I travel
The ways been made clear
The father's given supervision
To his children like daycare
Serenade the one
Who I revere like Paul
But the redcoats ain't coming
It's God the Son coming through
With His glory thundering
He'll cut asunder men spill the blood of men
For the love of sin
And the rejection of the blood covering
Which is through the new covenant
All hail the God ruled Government
How much are Jewels worth?
They can't match the true worth of the new birth
Bow to my God and Creator of the Universe