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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Human Emergency
Song:   To My People
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It's pleasant
When brethren come together in Gods presence
Refreshing like the dew from heaven
I pray we never stray
From the ark of safety
It's God who's drawn us near
Coininia stay sweet
As each member maintains their part
We can let the peace of Christ
Reign in our hearts
The loves tight
We're partying all day, all night
When Jesus is in the mix
It's all right.
Stand to your feet if you're with me
Get up out your seats if you're with me
Peep the liberty
Of the one who saved us, blood stained us
Presents us blameless
Before the one who remains just
We display Jesus is the way
To speak of another is needless to say
Cause in Christ we trust with no doubt
It's always a celebration
When the Church is in the house
We're called to peace
No divisions isms, schisms
One Lord, One faith
One baptism
Into the king who's risen
We've been raised with him
Commissioned to go fishing
Hardcore evangelism
The main agenda
In the members of Christ
No race, no gender
Peep the splendor of the God
Whose love is so tender?
Toward us the offender
Sins been pardoned
So we render
Hearts not our garments
The bondservants
Bombs the urban with the good new
Jesus the Lord of hood rules
Would fools Come to grips with this
Wondrous gift of the Son who lives
You can't cut asunder His love
For the unregenerate
One sinner gets
A standing O from the heavenly host
Kiss the Logos make a toast
To Jesus the living hope we hold so close
We only boast in the cross of Christ, WORD