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Artist: The Cross Movement f/M.O.D
Album:  Human Emergency
Song:   Lord
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[The Pilgrim]
Lord Jesus You're the King
And You reign over everything
Nothing is impossible to You not even anything
Forever never perishing
You're beauty never blemishing
You are the song that we sing
when we're worshipping
You're word is nourishing
and You're kingdom ever flourishing
Eternal never finishing, never ever diminishing
I'm relishing my relationship I'm daily cherishing
Through fellowship my thirsty soul You're replenishing
Lord, because You're just sin and lust You'll be punishing
Astonishing, how man rejects the admonishing
But knees will be knocking, hard nuts will be cracking and trembling
All high heels You'll be leveling
Mans long list of short comings
You'll be measuring and threatening
Over drawn accounts You'll be settling
Prodigal sons and lost souls
You'll be beckoning and tethering
And then will welcome them into the bretherin

Lord release Your power from on high through our lives
coz when we grip the mic we want to drop this right
we bring our bodies as a living sacrifice
that the deaf ears might be opened
and the blind receive their sight, and recognize
the way that they can identify
with You the Christ who Died
so that we could come into the light
and realise that You took away our sin
the way to You is open we can now freely come within
You're Holy veil
Lord, no more livin stale,
Lord, we can know You for ourselves for real
Lord and be secure in who You are
in everything we do worship
You and know that we is cool
that's why we, want to state plainly
the liberty that You have given us by You sovereignty
gratefully received
Cross Movement and MOD merge together as one like melody and harmony
a Godly symphony
sounding out the ghetto liturgy
globally, we bring encouragement to all You're family
faithfully, we want to serve You side by side with sword and trowel
till before You're throne on both our bended knees we take our bow

Lord we declare humbly that You are here
We recognize ya
We raise our praise to Your name
We come to represent You with no shame
because we love ya
There's nobody else who is above ya

[The Pilgrim]
Lord I thank You that to us Gentiles
who sat in the darkness You brought us light
through Christ
no less, sitting in the shadow of death
Lord this world is a mass grave
a tomb headed for doom, give me room
spreading from the left to the right
no depth or no height
holding forth the word of life yo
takin this game to the street, kicking tradition to the kerb
enlightening those who never heard bringing the word
faithfully spittin the truth, we're cuttin them loose
the sceptics providin them proof yo
we aint timid and scared, we're fully prepared
we're ready and keen 1Peter 3:15
me and my team
hit targets and getting annoyed
while The Word of God is accurate it never returns void
and if you're looking for Guns we ain't carryin
but I've got a Bible and some tracks in my hand you understand

Lord People wrestle You and try to fling You off like Dr Spock
Instead of gripping You like Jacob
Truly You are in this place and they know it not
like Clarke Gable, Frankly my dear the mans don't give a...  what!?!
Do they know not
that they're headed for that hot spot
and when their flesh rots
they will still be burning non-stop?
We try to reason, but they treat us like we're talkin treason
wanning (going on) like they is the cream of the crop
so we use the hip-hop
to preach non-stop
rinse the Bible from bottom to top
Blaze the Word till we drop
because we can't stop makin it clear
that You are here and You truly care
and our burdens You'll truly bare
but beware because we know
You're judgement is drawin near
if we turn from sin, You'll bring us in
out of despair
You made the way clear
yet it does makes You're heart bleed
to see the gals dem bunnin the weed
driven by greed, mans out sowin wild seed
yet more wild flowers a breed
when will the people take heed
tell me when will the people them see
Lord You're here full of Grace and Mercy
us Your keen to receive
Tell me when will the people them see, Lord
You're here and You're wrath is ready if we refuse to believe