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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Human Emergency
Song:   Hold it Down
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This thing is fatal, long before the cradle 
While prenatal, sin seeped in through your navel
None escape the curse, cause none escape the verse
Cheeze, please put away the purse 
Cause there's a thief coming to pull off a heist
Appraise your life and smash up your ice
How bad can it get, well, you gonna throw a fit
when all your Bling! Bling! turns to psst, psst***
All your shine will be snuffed
all your Plat. will turn rust
but what do you do when life's a must
Is what your screaming, but your meaning is leaning
cause that would make your existence no different than a demon
Cause though we too were condemned, each man now has a choice
to choose Christ and rep with more than your voice
Cause just what is it that you're really telling me,
when you say you love God but live the life of  Be-elzee?
Even demons tried to say, "Son of God, what up?"
Jesus would turn ice grill and say, "Shut up!"
How you gonna try and praise the Most High,
when you know your native tongue is a lie
So if you say you see life through the eye of Minolta
Picture what Christ condemns in our culture
Peep the clear picture, It's a muddy mixture
How is a Celtic gonna play 76'er?
We need elixir, when the trickster seems Royal 
Yall, McDonalds don't serve flame broil
If your truly lost, but now found 
If He's truly lifted up, hold it down 
You try to show'em day from night (They're like, "What!")
You try to tell'em wrong from right 
You say yo live the life
That's why we gotta hold it down 
You tell'em righteousness is tight (They're like, "What!")
You tell'em to walk in the Light
Praise God when you get your Mic
That's why we gotta hold it down
In front of rich men and Ceasars  (Hold it down)
When everybody's screaming Jesus 
Even if they ain't believers
And this ain't vendetta, love is better
we just saying if it's real you can smell (the) leather
Like Niagara equals Falls
vapor action equals Halls
and true Lemonheads tighten up jaws
We talking Cause and Effect,or called and elect
Which means when Christ chose you
You lose the choice to select
Whether or not 
You think righteous living is hot
 When heavenly minded
 It's the only choice you got
 It's getting late, every soldier got to carry his weight
Yo, we contending for the faith Baby Boy 
And you to Sis, If you chose to enlist 
In His Salvation Army then it goes like this 
Because of the sacrificial bleeder, we follow the leader
feed the soul and starve the Saturday night fever
Either give a committed pound and bring your sword
Or side with this world, name your Lord! 
Cause the True God don't need an upgrade like your Pentium 
Why change His whole steez to meet the needs of this millennium? 
He won't and you can't, So like the deer pants
If you thirst after God, Then raise up those hands 
Our God has got plans, Much different from man's 
So either choose His, Or be down with Satan's 
But you can't love both, believe me you'll choke 
taking deep breaths in Heaven, While inhaling hell smoke 
Both wheat and both tare, grow up together right here 
And we can't separate, and that Christ made clear 
But he also gave Truth, To let us see Duke 
You can hide behind lies, But can't hide fruit 
So if you headed Uptown, And like how this sounds
Then keep them hands up, for a sign that your down
If you were once lost , but now your once found 
Then All God's people, gotta "Hold it down!" 
(Note:  Psst*** = nothing.  This is not a substitution for anything else)