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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Human Emergency
Song:   All Day
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[The Phanatik]
I understand and stand under the cross of He who bled
Now I'm covered in His blood-shed, all I see is red
Like the Red Sea, it's deadly with out Christ so cool it
My God played this world like twelve inches, cause He rules it
From pulpit to ghetto, projects to golden meadows
The Bread of Life leads men back home like Hanzel and Gretle
Push the peddle across the globe like express truckers or bikers
Carry the Gospel like Fed- Ex from Rutgers to Rikers
Some love us some like, then some can't stand us
Cause we expose and appose the evil that man does
That we do, not even those who speak in Greek and Hebrew
Can build a wall of knowledge of self that God can't see through
It's He who made us, and not we ourselves
Don't have enough might, enough thought power cells
And our shells are empty until He fills them
So 'til then Cross Movement will be chillin'
No more lookin' for a real love Mary J
Now I walk with Jesus all day every day
From sun up, unto sun down
There is One Love, Who wears One crown
Long as my mic is plugged into my cord
We live one life and we serve One Lord
[The Phanatik]
Daily, my mind is bombarded with the fact of things
That God is not a part of our everyday happenings
The raps we sing, the films we watch, the lives we live
Men's prerogative
And we like it like that
when God's word comes across the net
You can bet we spike it right back
But when you're the object of pain
it's not odd it's insane
How God is left out, yet God gets the blame
When it's negative, yet all the while peep all the smiles
As peeps call and shout, "yo, just let us live"
Even though it's very contrary to what He say
That's how they roll all day every day 
[The Phanatik]
Check this y'all, don't get lost in my song rhythm
Eyes off me and onto the King who's long livin'
Ever since me and the Lord have been swingin like ax handles
Without Him, life is risky business like tax scandals
Now He got me feelin nicer than Jack Daniels
Reject Christ and end up burnin like wax candles
But that's not His main thrust, look how He gains trust 
And loved us enough to let His veins bust
Follow man if you want trouble,
Live life on your own and catch wreck like a stunt double
Death is the penalty for sin so we're called to die
So all rise, but all eyes on the fall guy
The substitute, man's stand in at the cross
Was slain as a lamb, paid as a ransom for the lost
The cost of keeping it real, hip-hop's motto and creed
Is escaping reality, through a fat bag of weed
I would've had to bleed, just to pay for my own sins
Born with an omen, 'til Christ came now I owe Him
And can't repay, so check the chant we say
It's Jesus the Christ all day every day