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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  House of Representatives
Song:   The Way
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The cross reconciles where sin
is known to sever
that's why when beats and rhymes are sewn together we extol the
God whose enthroned forever
He storms the weathers and stills them
chooses fates and seals them
revives His children
takes empty lives and fills them
who's willin' to come unto the major player
who paid the wager of all ya'll Savior-haters
and changed the nature
of your condition and position
sin sick to healthy, hellbound
to hell free
He inhabited frailty conquered
the grave got death and hell's keys
His side of the story compels me
to say, "Hail Thee!"
To the Emperor, Sin-bearer
the riches of His wisdom and knowledge
turns men from error

We know the Way
We speak the truth
We live the life
'cause He's the Lord

Eternal light of men came to give sight to men
the same light that shines blinds men
who in their own eyes are wisemen
Fallen in their human ways, their dooms displayed
'cause they refuse to remove the shades
and consume the rays
of the Light-Giver
The Gospel's an offense
I'm aware of the hostility it might trigger
People wanna battle 'n fight
'cause they can't handle the Light
They're still stuck in the mode
of foreshadows 'n types
After the Dark Ages came illumination
meaning the Son was made visible
like the fourth day of creation
To expose the deeds of men
so we can see our sin then
see the need for Him to bleed for men


I think it's sad how men try to grasp
the divine truth of God
when without Christ
God and man clash
like pokadots and plaid
They say our doctrine's bad
as if explainin' God is a drop in the bag
Divine truths are concealed
unless God chooses to reveal
what we believe is by faith
there's no need to prove it's real
"The Bible's corrupt!"
Well, that's the phrase that's getting' old
Bottom line, you're blind
to the mysteries of the written code
Are you among those whom the Son knows?
Does your hope rest in the fact that the Son rose?
When it comes to trust
people are placin' bad bets
what can be proved
requires no faith to accept
false teachers writin' bad checks
Don't be deceived
Many believe in God
but what about God do they believe?
Is he like the old man
with the long beard
you've seen in cartoons?
Did He board the mothership
and fly to the back of the moon?
In Revelations is He the A and the Z
or is He gonna come back and say
He lied about who He claimed to be?
Did He suffer in hell for sin
or was His death enough?
Trust solo Cristo minus the extra stuff