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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  House of Representatives
Song:   The Rescue
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Leavin' Bird's Nest, ten o'clock on the dot
give the Ambassador a pound, then I reach into my pock
to pull out my last ten
'cause he brought me in some snacks to eat
while we construct a fat track with heat
We started with prayer, so we adjourned the same way
if the LORD wills it, then we'll chill another day
straight down Catherine Street, we start steppin'
him to the 48th and me to the 51st street section
Zipped up my coat 'cause it was kinda chilly
hit 52nd, and saw some brothers smokin' Phillies
Heard one of them say, "Hey, hey. I'm crazy on the next one
that comes through with funds
Troop, he's gone
He can be a she or she can be an it
it don't matter, I've gotta get fatter, so I'll make a hit
So we proceed with caution movin' kinda slow
The Ambassador said, "Life, How you gonna flow?
to the new track, come on man
you know I'm gonna do that
I'll just be me, indeed and stay true Black
I gots to bring it, that thing is rugged
you gotta love it
I'll pray pick up the pen and pad, then rush it
Like a linebacker
then attack the
drums sack the bassline
then I'll have to represent the Kingdom
We near our destination, caught up in conversation
Heard footsteps comin' like someone was chasin'
as we turned, I heard a blast
saw a flash, felt a burn
grabbed my chest as I fell
Is it my turn?
Hit the ground as I heard the sound of my man say, "Call 9-1-1 now!"
Everything was blurry, I heard sirens
my chest was on fire, I knew I was dyin'
Man, I can't believe it
I'm not gonna see this thing through
I'll never see my dream come true
All that hard work for nothin'
Now my thing is busted
see that's what I mean when people can't be trusted
Now doctors are pokin' and cuttin'
lookin' for the sluggin'
my chest man, I'm disgusted
My will to live gets weaker and my body grows colder
looks like this youngin' won't be getting' no older
"Doctor, we're losing him! His vital signs have dropped!
Check his pulse! There's no pulse!
Check his heart! It's stopped!
In a fading voice I heard the doctor say
"Give me 80 CCs. Everyone, clear the way."
All of a sudden, I'm walkin', me and Christ are talkin'
I got crazy peace evils no longer hawkin'
He said, "Follow me. I wanna show you somethin'
Life. You gotta represent. Absolutely no frontin'."
Showed me in my mother's womb
Showed me as a kid
the good, bad, and unmentionables I did
Showed me what I deserved
then showed me when he saved me
what I looked like before and after the Spirit raising
Showed me on fire
then showed me when I was strayed
showed me a dead one
then showed me a Spirit raised
Showed me rippin' mics
getting' hype with my crew
showed me playin' hard
showed me playin' cool
Showed me representin'
showed me sellin' out
showed me what my life should really be about
Showed me the cross, as he was nailed
showed me the tomb, Him raisin' and prevailed
Showed me His hands and side as they were scarred
Showed me the universe with its billions of stars
He said, "Listen and understand
all power is in my hands
I chose You to represent the man; Me! I am Who I am
and I am who I Be
the original Almigh-TY
Look at yourself on the operatin' table
I allowed you to get bust
so that you would be able
to see you've got to rely on me
I am He, who inside dwells sovereignty
Look, they're covering you up now
your mother's cryin' and wonderin' how and when she'll see you again
she's gotta mad faith and won't believe this is your end
I'm glad I'm dead
nobody loved me but my mother
Look again my brother
the waiting room's full of brothers and sisters you've touched
they may not show it all the time
but they love you very much
So what now, Lord?
I don't want to leave you
"But you have to
I need you, to lead the seed who
have lost the way
I'll see you on Glory day 
but until then keep buildin' and pray
and when the devil comes to test you
I'll be there to bless you, no fear youngin'
I'm comin' to the rescue
Take my Word, believe me, you have worth
and in the twinkle of an eye
I was back on Earth
Pulled the sheet off my head as I began to wonder
was it all a dream, or did I really go under?