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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  House of Representatives
Song:   Playa Hater #1
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Light'em up 
click the switch juice up your watts
to the next notch
till you find your niche
I pray God adjust my pitch
so that my beam comes shining out clean and rich
Though I go to illuminate Gods Plan
darkness waits for me after the jam
Now I'm Protestant, which means I'm a protester
if the world was Sanford, then they would call me Esther
Cause some think that the way I live is real ugly
cause some find sin kinda cozy and snuggly
but still not able
to tell real truth, from what's on cable
Cause some don't know, when the light starts shining?
It could light your path or it could start blinding
Or inspire· or maybe set fire
or blaze up the wicked, just like a vampire
Who's been hit by the rays of the Son, ever dawning
Who rose over sin real early in the morning
We let the scripture paint the picture
then lay back in God's Holy rickshaw
Those with the foul mixture
tear to pieces like a jig-saw
But we say "nix yall"
and leap the pitfall
yeah, yeah, yeah, cause the crucifix-yall
No arguing or debating
Just set the record straight about who's playa' hatin'

The foul rip Christ and they just won't stop
so be not deceived cause God is not mocked
For what they sow, they're sure gonna reap
so just lay back and wait for The Thief
that's coming in the night, cause He knows how to
creep from Eternity and catch'em like blaaow!
Let's see what's said when it's all said and done
when they have to come face to face with Playa' Hater # 1
If everybody claims to know the problem
Then how come ain't nobody solving
why do the pains of this world keep coming thru throbbin'
Check the tragedy
The world prefers darkness, instead of His Majesty
We push positivity
but positivity X-Jesus, is positively
a good attempted at chivalry
Hard work ethic, and good discipline
won't score points, even though it's good dribblin'
It's the sizzlin' hot hand
that puts the ball thru the can
and God's Tres'
blaze· far away
from the range of mortal man
You can test? But miss? And it's penalty
some slide down to Hell every so gently
Others say Hell is a conspiracy pushed by believers
to ruin triple X sex and take away the real bomb cheeba
They say it's all natural
and try to make it practi-cal
and say "You can be down with God, even though you living foul"
That's that playa' mind, they playing God to the left
but on His right hand is the One who rose over death
So for those not feeling Him and preferring worldly fun
then just call Him "The Wrath": Playa' Hater # 1