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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  House of Representatives
Song:   Eyes Off Me
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Eyes off me
And eyes on Him
Take your eyes off me
And eyes on Him
Eyes off me
and on to Jehovah Rophi
Who rules with iron scepter
He's the only Resurrector 
God who showed me the Key
Jesus Christ, True life who turned me free
Feel the urgency 
that flows through my soul
See the personal relationship that surely shows
God's intimacy with His own
He created
But sin gottcha pinned 
you are separated from the Maker 
The Boss pause take a minute, and think about the
Reconciliator The Peace Maker 
ruling over man and His acres
All you god-fakers, meet the real Creator
Who's Flavor is fruitful, natural, Eternal
His Word flows with blows
making the Earth spin in a circle
He's universal, worldwide, from the whirlwinds
I'm serving Him 
You should be too, read His Journal
His Diary for everybody The Holy Bible the only vital 
visible source of survival reliable 
to the role of the disciple 
a title given to the man that's mindful
of the Word of God 
that knocks on your door 
so turn the knob ock! 
Invite Christ to be your Lord
Explore, through the corridors where Heaven roars
Echoing, Elohim 
Supreme God of all
so I nod to the call 
Which is mad high 
Had I not 
I still would have been in sin 
but the Rabbi 
unlocked me from the flesh of death 
flushed me out with His blood now I'm fresh in the Breath 
of JESUS! 
The name you can trust, plus He is 
higher then Star Trek
deeper then Sea Quest
The Architect catching wreck 
He be the Genius 
Eyes on Him while this verse takes recess
Jehovah Rophi 
I wanna be your trophy (Eyes off me)
Jehovah Rophi 
I wanna be your trophy (And eyes on Him) 
To my brothers out there, son here's the Truth
To my sisters out there, shorty here's the Way
To the scholars out there, parley and learn
To the believers in Christ stay strong and firm 
Let's proceed to peep the salvation of Yahweh: Jesus
the Anointed One: Christ, who God gave
to be the access through which you may be saved
plus da fact is, Christ is the Only Way
Check da atlas
God is on the map wit mad status
we rap for this we be His fanatics
we're aliens on this planet Earth 
with craniums filled with the theocratic birth
proclaimin' Him Who? The Dust-Taker 
Breath-Blower, Man-Maker, the Master, I Am
Knower the Earth Shaker 
The Anti-sin Minister the Yoke-Breaker
The God who spoke the world through Christ the Mediator
the Savior the only ransom
for all left His holy mansion 
just to free us from the claws
of the killer sin virus 
that caught your iris 
blinded your pupil 
from seeing God's brightness 
His beautiful, righteous 
absolute numberless attributes
The facts I shoot 
is asking you 
to choose the path that few  
find: the Way, the Truth, the Life 
the True Vine - Jesus the Christ 
the Author of the new mind
[Chorus repeats]
[Break repeats]