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Artist: The Cross Movement (The Phanatik)
Album:  Holy Culture
Song:   Holy Culture
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[Verse One]
Thank God for music that we can use it to do what he said
Deliver His word until we're dead like two in the head
Blue and red, white flashin' lights light up the night
Fiends inside of a building light up a pipe
What do you sell? Plus you got a brother in jail?
You would rather be there than to suffer in hell
Come on, what do you tell kids who ask, why are we here?
What's up with all the drama and why all the fear?
I always hear people talk like evil is fun, evil is good
But what about the evil outcome?
You know this can't be the way, this canvas we paint
Can't just be blamed on the powers that be
The artists are us, we draw what we lust
And cause the corruption and problems we see

All we do is pray, stay, build, chill, walk the, talk the
Spark the Holy Culture!
Live, give, speak with meakness... week out and week in
Spark the Holy Culture!

[Verse Two]
Visualize this, visit these lives with such vivid design which
Of course gets distorted when vicious demise hits
The streets will put a tear in your eye
Life is so unproductive, you're here then you die
Bucks growin'  up fasts pockets blow up with cash
Can't even read the sign that says, "Slow up or crash!"
Throw up your stash, hope that you're the one who enjoys
All that your hands worked for when you were employed
You and your boys have turned into you and your mens
Time has passed you by and ruined your trends
At two and at ten o'clock hands on the wheel
Life is bumpy road can't handle it still
Manage your bills as best you can test of skill
Without cheatin' to get by, test of your will
Blessing your meals, thankful that you got what you need
Knowing that you was trippin' you're not on your dean
Watching your seeds grow into what you forgot
Bucking off shots on the corner clutching their crotch
Young girls with cash proud cause they got rich quick
But can't even be proud of how they got it
I know I talk like I'm old, I walk by the code
I'll spark up a whole generation of youth
To tune into God, bump these tunes in your ride
Soon we'll be aiight long as we facin' the truth

[Hook x2]

[Verse Three]
Sit back and try to interact with this side of the conversation
Your job while we're conversatin' is to be sincerely contemplatin'
Time is wastin' waitin' for legislation to pass
Innercity is neglected while education is last
Facin' the blast of cold winds, holdin' the heat
Breaking ties with old firends hoping to meet
Someone who rightly wins the title of friend
Who can revive us and make us vital again
But he ain't hard to find, He left behind a trail of truth
Like gold nuggets leading people to the old rugged
Your soul loves it when you understand the situation
We're slaves to sin but in the day of salvation
About facin' is taking place and we're making haste when
We see the Lord and His glorious grace and
I hate when people make decisions on religions from behind a curtain
Flirtin' with death when no provision has been made for
When this life is over, that's why I like Jehovah
Because he makes eternal life doper
I hope ya, don't have to wait in vain
Choosing the wrong one to save you in this spiritual dating game
Ask questions, find out if the one your choosing
Won't have you loosing all in the name of paying dues, man
Behind the door I choose, Elohim waits for me and my fellow team mates
To finally meet Christ scream hello dream date
Then live happily ever after in the after life
Knowing that only Christ suffices as the sacriface
And that's a nice way to say it but even still I bet the world won't play it
but hey

It'll be sweet like raisins kissed by the sun's rays
When we praise the raised Son all because the Son raised
It'll be sweet like raisins kissed by the sun's raised
When we praise the raised Son all because the Son raised

[Hook x2]