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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Holy Culture
Song:   Free
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I wanna know if you wanna know which way to go
Its a narrow road, and if you carry loads
You can be set free
I don't care about the car you drive
Are you alive?, its do or die, so you and I
Need to be totatlly set free

[The Ambassador]
Who you wanna be like
A man or women wit vision to see right
Do you have any passion to be right, or be light
Shinin like you're a diamond or would it be tight
To roll wit a cat who holds a cat and let the weed light
Quick to brawl and get involved in a street fight
Quick to ball, forget it ya'll, he's enthralled wit street life
He gotcha thinkin he's hype but these type
Never sleep tight, they stay awake countin the sheep, right
He gots the sweet life, please sike
He's phony, he's really lonely thats why he clubs every week night
He can't handle the storm, he's like a cheap kite
He needs Christ, he's the opposite of Levites
Unholy and a contradiction like Free Price
Blind as a bat, or better yet blind as three mice
Either way you look at it the crooks get it
Dont look at me like Im pathetic the book said it


[The Ambassador]
Do you wanna be the kind of sis
That does the work wit a kiss
Workin her hips, and gotta use a skirt and a twist
Im certain of this, love's what you're searchin for Miss
But earth's an abyss, so love you're certain to miss
Cause most guys from birth, grow to be guys that flirt
Puttin sweet lies to work so as to disguise the purpose
Which is to shoot the gift, just to get you to shift
He's got the tools to get in the skins
You know that's been the trend
Why would you get a wife, when he just have a friend
And with a little gin after a spin in the benz
Wit some R&B he can hit it again and again
I know its sort of bugged out now Im sailin on the waters of
Experience , I know a wife and a daughter's love
So I'm up on things that pertain to "dime pieces"
My mind reaches to share things that remain after my rhymes ceases
Let him keep his cheese, never let him eat for free
Let him meet your needs, and never let him sleep and leave
God's plan is that you marry, so the creep must cleave
And learn about a women's worth like Alicia Keys
Dudes and dudettes, should both do that
So Im exposin this like film when light gets to it
You need to learn about the way the righteous do it
You gotta see what life looks like when Christ get to it


I wanna know if you wanna know [Which way to go]
People its a narrow row [Its His way or no]
There's to much wieght on ya [Dude can't you see]
You need truth dropped straight on ya [So you can be free]

[The Ambassador]
This is call to introspection
Some interjection into men's perspect since God calls them into question
All their mindsets and behavioral patterns
" I gave you a pattern" He says "But Im afraid you're an Adam"
So you're made in a manner that we called depraved and this grammar
Its jus a big word to describe that you're enslaved and you cannot
Find the power to do the good you desire
That's even bugged thats like tryin to match the good wit Empire
[Cause] We're on the darkside
Cause life is rougher and tougher then shark's hide
We walk by dissin the same God who on the cross died
For once we need people who's vision is cross-eyed
So we can focus on where hope is wit our jaws wide open
Man, I be hopin all people will all cry out
To the Saviour cause the Judge ain't lettin ya'll slide
Cause He's the Love Boat, now but I panic
Cause ya'll don't understand that He'll be the Titanic
And take under, some men wit a great thunder
He's the great wonder, shunnin Him's the great blunder
See its costly, while ya'll see the floss, we
See what God sees, and its awefully fake like false teeth
Whether its legal or the fast route, when you cash out
You'll see that "ice" is like Frosty in a glass house
And beauty is vain, won't truely remain
You act like you'll be the same, imagine you wit a cane
Or you wit a chain rusted, or you wit the pains of time
Doing the same of what it's done to every human who came before
Now how would that be? My point exactly
Enough said, come on and be set free