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Artist: The Cross Movement [Tonic]
Album:  Holy Culture
Song:   Forever
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Break yourself and don't try ta
Front on your man T O N I the C, don't even try to lie to me
If it's real then you know how it's gotta be
By now you know my motta
Aint nobody here tryin to flex brovado
You know the signachatto, its's Christ we follow
If He's Lamont, then I wanna be Rallo
I know, it's hard in the land of the lollipops
Where they're up in your face every time the trolly stops
God gots folly cops, but before folly starts folly stops
For the last and evil, its gonna take more then stain glass and steeple
But a distinctive people, who only bow down to the Regal
The One who didnt count it robbery to be called equal
They the ones wit no fear, they the ones who stay clear
Of the wolf and the wolf in sheep's gear, Word bond
They know the different between Luke 9:50 and the whole book of 1 John
Watch the con, He's an artist
Makin you feel rabbit when you know that the tortiose, taught us
Who's gonna win, only because a loving God gotta deal wit sin
Because He loves man

More then your striff, more then you pain
Cause to live is Christ and to die is gain
So what it matters when...
We're gonna live Forever

So if I'm hit by a car, or taken out by disease
You aint gotta enough bullets in your gun, man please
We're gonna live forever

let me spit this like lama
And throw the Word wit a hawk like Toma
So that man can see unlike nirvana
Heaven's rulled by a unique, excellent, magnifacent persona
If you say you goin, you cant stand before Him showin
On your life credit report still owein
Cause the grass you growin
Is the kinda of grass thats gonna catch mowin
Ladies get your hands up, fellas get your fist clinchin
When we gonna stand up, dig in and war trenchin
If you want the whole school to feel theredemption
You cant use any tool, it takes Godwrenchin
To turn a whole generation 180
O hear the whispers of the fat lady
The only reason she aint singin right now is
God gots His hand on the volume baby
Real patient ain't it
But don't take His kindness for weakness
Cause we livin in a time of divine sweatness
Cause there will come a time when He says, "Enough meekness"
And men will scatter to the hills likthe Horse runnin of the Preakness


Harlme shake yourself til you meet Him
Though alot of men front, they know they need Him
Watch how you treat Him
You might as well join, cause your sure cant beat Him
He's the one who put the real free, in the word freedom
Especially for those who are livin in the struggle
Jus tryin to eat and you cant shake trouble
The real rough stubble, the real Barn Rubble
All my raw dogs, no leash no muzzle
You wanna roll doubles, and stand in smoke huddles
And feel like the hubble, bein shot out the shuttle
But thats where its subtle, pop goes the bubble
And you fall back down to earth, and splash in a puddle
The cost of the trip was oh so pricey
You're mad at the world all hot and spicey
Then wit the quickness of a swoosh like Nike
Satan did his thing and dug up in your psyche
Cause all this life gives is temporary relief
And all you really had was temporary belief
You couldnt really see the amazin deciet
And now the threat is eternal defeat
Thats why we say, get a Bible and read it in its entirety
And let God deal wit you and your propriety
Check out all the cats of noteriety the variety
Of ways they deal wit the ills of society
Let it bring sobriety, let it make you firey
Cause its gonna take more then a slice of apple piety
Once you realize that there's sin and symptom
And there's lost souls, and things that tempt em
And to Jesus there's rest and redemption
You're covered by a Hebrew 401K pension
Not to mention, you learned you lesson
No more vexin, no more stressin
No more guessin, no more Heaven, and hell questions
No more just livin for the blessins, no more dressin
Forget the ice and agression, not my wife no caressin
I don't care if she's Bodiqua, Australlian, or Texan
And you're not scared to scream that to your whole section
I'm not livin for this life, cause I'm livin for the next one