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Artist: The Cross Movement [f/ T.R.U.T.H., J-Silas, Todd Bangz, R-Swift, and Flame]
Album:  Holy Culture
Song:   Eternal Cypha
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"If you love him then you got to represent him well" 
[DJ Official]
What's up y'all this is DJ Official, and here it is
Eternal Cypha, reppin' the Lord Jesus Christ to the fullest
It's going down, its going down
Now first up to bat is my maaaaaaaan
TRUTH (echoes)
God's not arbitrary, he's always gotta a rhyme and reason
Sovereign, that's a divine line of reasonin'
He's Holy, you can catch the shekana breezing'
By whoever disses Christ than bowed and seize ‘em
He's holy, man, the culture needs him
And can't define life, apart of season
This opportunity to walk in freedom
And exalt the King in his awesome kingdom!
Now put a quater in the parking meter
Many walk in dark, they walk in Egypt
But the people of God who assault the seas
And the Earth until the Church is off to see Him
Lemme jam it man, not by my own works
But he came down from Heaven and put his plow to the dirt, Our church
I'm saved already, the walk is hard
Fall down, get up, the cross, these scars (ouch) ???
Jesus justified J I'm not guilty
And he covers my sins ya'll, I'm so filthy
Gritty, grungy, God still loves me
Righteousness is the bread and I'm so hungry
Lord give me some, bid me to come
Not my will but let yours be done
I spit bars for the thugs in the cars
And the drunks in the bars
And the fakes in the closets
[DJ Official]
Phanatik, Phanatik (echoes)
I'm here, I'm in it, not of it, don't want it, don't covet
I'm covered by the blood
Broken hip, walk with a limp
God governed, even the rhyme uttered
The sings of the time coming
Keep seeking lyrics, looking to find someone
(Like surprise!) … Shakanah rap the kinda rap
That wrap around your mind, and squeeze like when pythons attack
Me and my pizzans is back
To dicape and line this track 
With all these emcees breezin' by like freeano wax
It's free a no tax, what we came to offer
All swift to revert artist plus flame came to spark ya
J-Silas is stylin for God, plus Todd "bangs" with the Truth
When this unit makes movement we're here with proof
[DJ Official] (echoes) 
Todd Bangz
[Todd Bangz]
Yo, I spit for Jesus, live for Jesus
Roll with a squad of believers
Believe in God, it's Jesus
And by his spirit we stay sharp as creases
Thoughts and hypothermic needles injecting the thoughts of Jesus
I walk with Jesus through the streets of Jers' City
Prayin' God is wit me cuz they don't walk with Jesus
They walk wit heaters, and spark the chieva
Quick to expire cats like parking meters
So I bring the noise like PE on my EP
Not to be considered hip-hops' MVP
But still minister world-wide through
[DJ Official] 
T.R.U.-L.I.F.E.!! (echoes)
I live and die for the King of the universe
I spit a dudes, to keep you in tune cuz I don't want you to hurt
Life is work and nothing is free but death
Except the One who gave life its' breath
So expect the One who gave L.I.F.E. his breath
To inspect ya steeps, but don't be mad is he says
"Who's next? You can't do it!"
Cuz in order to step to the level of next
You gotta beat with Son, escape the hot of the death
He can put in perspect' everything from right to left
Top to bottom, if you got him, then you outa debt
Reject and you've claimed your set
So get prepped cuz this earth 
Is the only heaven that you'll ever get
"If you live him then you gotta represent him well" 
[DJ Official] 
That was fire! I mean…
Five emcess reppin' the Lord, and we still got three minuets left
Here he is baby…R-Swift
Supreme bearer of the cross who paid the cost
So all man can be able to excape sin's hualocuast
And twisted the call wit no report, like we ball wit dogs
That's what he was slaughtered for
It couldn't be us, we couldn't face the hell
We run from grace, but Christ embraced the wrath
Yet its life Gees said it, the street are embedded with
Thieves with speech impediments who don't believe they're dead in sin
But I wreck ya men, the chief rhetoric
Christ Jesus the president of this fleet of regiments
Who torch mics to the degree of the third
And you'll never hear us spit unless we're speaking his Word
[DJ Official] 
The Ambassador (echoes)
[The Ambassador]
Don't mean to bore with you math, but I'm sure you add
But only Jesus' plus zero equals life or you get wrath
I saw you in class, there's no way with that score you can pass
In this court you can bet that there's no way your lawyer could last
In fact your lawyer needs a lawyer cause your lawyer is bad
You're ignoring this, DAG, I better bring the cure for this fast
I can prove that God rules, of course all of us bad
As the Jews that used to have to slaughter a calf
There was a vale but Christ' death tore it in half
No more walls so we all are calling him "Dad"
We saw in the past how he got raw with his staff
We thought about craft to make this God Lord of our raft
I come to preach Christ, mean to brings the Good News
I'm not from the old school like Crush Groove
But who would have knew
These young dudes who used to be fools
Were moved by the wickedness of the world and no clues
Now taking up they cross and following Jesus' shoes
The strife of this life, I consider it payin' dues
And when the rapture, you want it to be you, instead of doom
I representin Jesus my respect is bein used
I would move anyone who would loose 
Much more rather choose
A life of death, short of breath, singing the blues
Like a tool kit with nails missing and screws
And you're fine with your integrity
[DJ Official] 
OK…The Tonic (echoes)
[The Tonic]
OK let's do it, drop the Truth to it
Many, want us to stop we can't do it
Hot divine fluid comes with a hot design 
To lock more corners then a octagon
Ooo is, true is, that will unlock your mind
And uncock your nine, unconcubine 
And unshine your shine and reshine your shine
Oh you like to get drunk? Then we serve genuwine
Then we genuflect, and bow at the neck
And then Jesus name, we be live and direct
When we're live on the set
We hope people can tell
Cuz all we wanna do is just 
"Represent Him Well" (echoes)
"If you love him then you gotta represent him well"