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Artist: The Cross Movement [Phanatik]
Album:  Holy Culture
Song:   Driven
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Birth date, da dah dash da dah dash now
Now what do I do wit what I have found?
Questions. Life's quintessential quests send
Your five senses through a sensational tests [count em]
To see if you can feel what's real, and once it's felt
You'll savor the taste and the smell [you've heard]
Your nerves begin tingling, your heart beats
Are reachin for life's meanin while arteries rush
A flood of blood through the right course
Givin you life force, this is a gift from life's source
Daily, wit each second deep breaths and
Your feet step in every direction
The search begins, as you work against the clock
The earth again is shocked by another bad creation
I cried too, at birth at first,
But after that, learned that I yearned
As you worked against the way my circuits were wired
Deep inside of me gave me fire
And something that I can work wit
Wantin 100 percent of my personality to urgently sieze reality
Ready to burst if this enemy I burned wit
Was just a tease never to be released
This makes you wonder and wander over yonder
And ponder if you'll ever find out

What drives you, what makes you feel so alive
You thrive on the desire inside you
Strive to arrive on time due to life's design
While you're minds tryin to find

As you learn to walk
You march to the rhythm of your own hearts drum
Becomin the best you, bar none
Far from the next man, check your hands for fingerprints
This is jus one of the man things that distinguishes
You, turned to your own frequencies wit
Idiosyncrasies and secrets keys to your kingdom
Or castle, the hastle and strife that life brings
Gets balanced out by good times or nice things
The frightening tight strings of life start to loose
Allowing your kite to fly high like wit true friends
It's stupendous, the rainbow of emotion you feel
Everything from pain to love, hope and more
Opportunities, open doors
Opens your mind eye, to find what you're hopin for
Is it around the corner? Waitin to be seen
Destiny or success to some degree seems
Like this would satisfy that endless appetite inside
For which you sacrifice it all
It calls you answer but it always sends you back for more
Cause you never give it what it askin for
(You ever notice that it always sends you back for
More cause never give it what it's askin for)


As aweet as life is, it's just as short
And it seems like time is up just as you're
Starting to get the hang of the language of love
And things can never remain the way that it was
We long for timelessness, maybe if our accomplishments
Ever delivered what they promised if
Life pleasures were everlasting then Im admittin
This might bring God some competition
But everything is short-lived; forget about fortune forgive
The sportsmen and the actor slash rapper, entertainer
For makin us think that money can sustain us
They're things in life that money can buy
For everything else and empty shell inside
Ask the rich man, left or right?
Wit which head do you carry your treasures to the life after death?
And if he has and answer, I'll man up and
Stand up in Time Square wearin a pink pamper
If a pink panther, can follow clues  and solve cases
Then I know that you can all trace this
Everything from family to employement
Is all given to us for our enjoyment
But our job is to find life and define life
Witout going outside of our God
This drives you, each day that you survive through
Life is designed to guide you to Him from day one
Wit each step you come closer to or further away from