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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Holy Culture
Song:   Cry No More
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One day I won't cry no more
Can't wait for the day when people won't die no more
Daddy's won't say, bye no more; lie no more
In the streets bullets won't fly no more

Won't feel no pain no more
Won't have to push, pull, won't have to strain no more

Won't have to walk lame no more
Won't have to play the game no more.

One day we takin off baby and ever since the Lord saved me
I've been waitin for the day we can say, it's all gravy
It's all crazy tryin seeing to see life when its all hazy
How can I persist to do right when I'm all lazy?
Feel me? Too much pain it all ails me
Vexed, cause I can feel the effects of the Fall daily
The pain in my chest it strong, let's get on
Come Lord, quick, bring on the eschaton
End the search, start the new earth, flex your true worth
Honor your Son, let Him come, perfect the new birth
And We don't gotta prove that God is cool
Just know when God is thru no more godless rule
So I'm anxious to praise the Ancient of Days
My brain's still amazed at how I can see that pain is a phase
Soon to be eclipsed at the Son's return
When we get what He gives and not what we've earned


There's coming a day that'll be much better than now
No more hurts. no more work by the sweat of your brow
No more drunk drivers drivin all out of control
No more flats and being stuck on the side of the road
Believe me, no more turning on the T.V
Seeing kids say, for the price of coffee you can feed me
In fact, no more anthrax in the mail
No jail, no blizzards, no twisters, no hail
It'll be the end of rain and the end of planes
Being highjacked and flown into window panes
It'll be nice just, imagine a world that'll be righteous
No more Middle East crisis
No more drugs, and no more thugs and pimps
No more beat-downs, and no more getting mugged for timbs
No need for ramps cause no need for wheel chairs
No need for weaves cause you'll feel your real hair


One day when this life is over we will live forever
together with our king

Christ is the Rock and believe me the Rock's steady
He drops heavy, so stop screaming I'm not ready
God said He's coming like a thief kid so peep it
He'll creep it's meant to be unknown like a secret
This is what many are having beef with
Gods rotiseree style can make a brothers teeth grit
Cause He's quick but according to our concept of speed
Looking at man He thought about the depth of our need
So what this means is, He's not slow, the King is
Waitin to bring kids into Christ where real Bling is
So they can sing His praise because they've seen this
God spill His blood to show love at its zenith
He proved He cut for them
Look what He gave up for them
Paid His life since you can't pay bucks for sin
Justice then teamed up with longsuffering
Big ups to Him who gave you and me time to trust in Him