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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Higher Defenition
Song:   On In Here
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Get em krunk Oh, Get em, get em krunk Oh (3x)

Once we get it poppin'
We gon' keep it rockin'
Ain't no need for stoppin'
We gon' get it on in here

We'll get you open
He's gon' take control
And we're gon' keep it rollin'

[Verse One]
Anybody know what it's like to love this life
Where're you at if you're with that practicing what is right

What's the matter is it utter strife?
I thought you were tough, what's up?
You can't seem to cut it just like butter knife

Ease up – they don't got Christ so they ain't got the muscle
They live a hard knock life – you shouldn't knock the hustle

Besides homie, you know the system done did 'em wrong
But sometimes that's what the Lord'll use to get'em strong

I know is hard man
They're callin' on God's name
But they can't tell when something really is a God thang

Let's turn 'em onto a God that can change things
Cause they're gon' lose in this life if they don't change teams


[Verse Two]
Do you smoke?
Shorty how you cope?
In Christ the Lord who's workin' even though some hurt is certain

Do you party?
What?! You know we get it crunk
We got a high and they don't know where we get it from

You got rims that spin?
Nah, I don't need 'em ‘ock
Besides, them Sprees cost at least 2 G's a pop

And I don't think that's how the King wants me usin' His loot
Especially when we're in a day where we're losin' the youth

They need a new model
If only they knew, God'll
Fill 'em up, fill up their cup, He can be their new bottle

They need to learn what true wealth is
Learn what true health is
Learn who true God and true self is

They need a higher view, so they can get the vision
They ain't seein' right
They need this life in higher definition

I think they better listen that's why I'm steady fishin'
I hope this makes them roll with our clique instead of dissin'


[Verse Three]
So when you see us rockin'
All deep and on your block and
No need to call the cops man
Just come and join the flock fam
We made some room for you
Christ made a room for you
Unless you love this life then
He's hookin' up doom for you

So can they party like us?
Yeah, if they can party righteous
But ain't no righteousness unless you talking bout what Christ does

Check His word fo' me
Look at His works Homey
The earth needs to display His Glory, not just the Church only

So if you're satisfied with Christ alone - if that is why
You can be home alone even if it's Saturday night

And if you're part of that people that go where He goes like sheep go
Then you know we don't need no steeple just to get it on

[Chorus- X2]