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Artist: The Cross Movement feat. Michelle Bonilla
Album:  Higher Defenition
Song:   Lord You Are
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Lord You Are (2x)

Every time I think of You
When I think about the things You do
Oh it's not too hard to see it's not what You do but its who You are
Good, Holy, Pure, all of this and God You're so much more!
Doin' your will
I can just chill
Focus on who You are

(Lord You Are)
Kindness, Compassion, Timeless, Matchless, Divine in Your actions
(Lord You Are)
The Bedrock of trust
Sin stops on your block cause You're the head cop You're Just
(Lord You Are)
So Gracious and Merciful
Praise - You deserve it, so worthy of worship, Oh!
(Lord You Are)
We call You hope, we call You Peace and Love
You're all of these  You're all of the above

[Verse One]
The Bible told me holy are Your ways (Your ways)
Nobody stops or had to start Your days (Your days)
So I marvel at Your endlessness
And at the fact that You're righteous, You're m'quadesh
You got the victory and the glory is already Yours
And we can be sure Your character is morally pure, Lord
We can't help but adore You
Can't help but applaud You
Our soul saw You so now we can't help that it's all You

My God You're awesome, majestic
Your style's eclectic
Pure perfection, King unelected, Nexus
Your love stretches, elastic
Now I'm connected
No more sin and death
You're sin's antiseptic
I checked forensics and found that your power's intrinsic
And flows only for agendas that you've intended
Solid, the Rock, Sweeter than nectar
Three in one winner - Yeah, Trifecta


[Verse Two]
I bless Your Name Father cause your majestic, time tested
Skillfully built in six and on the seventh You rested
Who else could make the moon glow and the sun shine
And have four different seasons flow all at one time?
You are the main attraction
The Who in what's happenin'
Universal Captain
No need for slumber
You're never slackin'
Nobody does what you do or could ever do what you've done
Most High, Supreme, King - The only One

If you would have never made the earth, Lord
That could never change your worth
And if there was never another soul to behold Your beauty
You'd be just amazing as You are, Truly
I'm gazing at the stars
Each one tells a story
Each one tells us of Your glory, tells us of Your might and Your power
May my praise be like a flower, but You made the flowers too
What can we give You?
Nothing's ours
This is yours!


[Verse Three]
I'm not thinking about what most say
Lord I feel You in the utmost way
You're Divine
We know You're more cool than the Fonzie
You're shiny
Shekinah lights up all your Omni's
Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient
You're eminent in addition to intimate and sufficient
You're Logos and You're Abba, that's Poppa
You're living agua, that's Water
You're Potter
You're God and You're more than a brother has thought up

I'm electrified by your lightning likeness
Skip the Visine
No one that I've seen is like this
You're priceless
Nothing compares, nothing is fair enough to hold up to You
What could dare receive stares and glory and while receiving it
Inspire awe and command all obedience? (No one)
You're infinitely exceeding man's limits (plus)
You're transcendent (plus)
and endless
Lord, You are