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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Heaven's Mentality
Song:   El Elyon
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[Prelude: The Ambassador]
We want people to become disgusted
With the separation between God and man
And we want them to then solely trust Jesus Christ
And Him alone to restore the relationship
And to bring God and man back together
So that they can be one again
Who? Who eases the pain?  Jesus is his name
Yeah, don't forget 'cause nobody...

[Chorus: The Phanatik]
Nobody does it like the most high God

[The Phanatik]
I gets meticulously reckless when I'm splittin' beats in half
Fast to take a blood bath so I don't meet with wrath
Kill the noise boys I bring peace like a yellow ribbon
Sippin livin' water while my crew be steady fellowshipin'
Perfect timing, divine appointment, I've got that holy ointment
I'm anointed and am I'm about to rip this joint kid
Gots to stick with this ubiquitous always victorious
Omnipotent and omnipresent King who just be glorious
There's more to this life, there's got to be
I can see through the window of eternity and death is the key
To the doorway this is your day come get a foretaste
Dinner served, word up yo! soul food and it's gourmet
Hey! Behind the clouds and the mouths full of mystery
Their lies a savior who was just dyin to get with me
He did it! The scars on his wrist purely shows
And I know cause three days later he surely rose
It's not your typical mystical ritual or physical tradition
His mission: put a switch in your spiritual condition
Grantin' phat mansions, chantin' christian anthems
Sparked a holy culture and I'm ghost like the phantom

Nobody does it like the most high God

Nobody does it like Jesus Christ

[The Phanatik]
Check the medley.  Life without Christ is deadly I rock steadly
Eatin up emcees and washin' 'em down with some Tetly
Like I was an animal a cannibal like Hannibal Lector
No lecture when I let you see that spiritual inspector
Pause for a second as I'm checkin out your pulse rate
Christ just put me in better hands than Allstate
All great! Just what I needed my Savior bleeded
And died on the cross now my sins have been deleted
Now I'm bound to take on a different form than the norm
No rehearsin' His third person does work in the storm
Back to that pulse rate, it's non-existent let's fix it
There's distance between you and the Savior don't risk it
Come closer check the host of heaven be rejoicin'
When one soul gets saved they give praise with their voices
Now mines is gettin' dry from this speech
I'm crazy thirsty I be cravin' for the blood like a leech
To each his own let's catch a view from the throne
Wherever you hang your heart is your home
Earth or heaven, set your affections on eternal
Give him reverence and I'll bet he'll get you heated like some thermals
Turn your internal infernal organs to an altar
Which can't be altered the King of Kings will never falter
Standin' firm on the rock of ages
Free from sin so I don't have to pay the wages
Let me rephrase this who can taste this cup of wrath
And face my God face to face raw without a mask
And grasp this concept and vomit truth from the belly to dispel the
Words of the most high God somebody tell me
Are you with me? or am I alone in this?
Am I not clever or does Christ rule forever with unmeasured holiness
If you're not down (well) then don't lie
But if you are then give praise to the most high (uh)


King Jesus Christ.  Who's world is this?  All praise...

[The Phanatik]
Holy, Holy, Holy O my God what can I say?
All praise be to Heaven's King YAHWEH
Lord God you're worthy early in the morning
You gets glory from dust to dawn and
Infinite wisdom we'll never grasp it
You've got eternity outlasted
Matchless King of all worthy of honour
To thee we ascribe glory shekinah
May we from thee never be severed
I'll sing praise to your name forever
El Elyon far beyond yet close by
Nobody does it like God the most high

[The Ambassador(Talkin)]
One time for your mind representing with the heavenly rhyme
Check us out ya'll, Cross Movement in ya area
Comin all across America
My brother Cruz Cordero representin'
Enoch walkin' with God.... comin soon
Far out like a ride to the moon
Up in ya spirit
check it out one time let 'em know if ya hear it
Represent the most high and that's no lie
Much love to the body