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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Heaven's Mentality
Song:   Blood Spilla
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We're The Cross Movement, which is an alliance of (uh)
Born again believers in Jesus Christ
That are trusting God by His grace to become
Agents through whom He's gonna advertise salvation
And also communicate His purpose for all of humanity

It's the thrilla' in Manilla
Jesus Christ versus every man's killa'
Sin and death's got the whole world getting' illa'
But I praise God for the Blood Spilla!

[Verse 1]
I step back to take a chill pill
Just to let the thrills build
Back up and now I have to say that I still feel
Goo-goo about the one the crew brings to you
Died to woo you and bring you back like part two—ooh!
You know His name is the same, it's Jesus
Every knee will bow demon, man, woman, child—oww!
Who is it that brings the blizzard, tames the lizard
Makes the greens and the gizzards?
If it's your God let him speak
I'll hide let him seek, I'll jump let him leap
Let him swim the deep.  Did his blood leak?
Does your god love me?
Will he still propose even though I get ugly?
Can he turn trouble to ease
Can his love make me 'weak in the knees' like SWV?
If he can take the sins of the whole world—swallow 'em
Experience death then resurrect, then I'll follow him
But if he can't then I'm stayin' with my camp
We a pack of theocrats getting' amped 'cause our God is champ!
YAHWEH the highway to Heaven's doormat
Transliterated LORD—all caps
Salvation for the creation He offers
No lie that's fly like a source of the slaughter and torture
Of the lamb frees and releases
Non-believers who put their faith in Jesus


As I take flight in Christ watch my height as I get lifted
Not off the herb, but the Word—mad gifted
It's the man of God that has his whole focus shifted
Toward the God who made the earth and all that comes with it
All of the specifics, the tidbits, the 'what is its,'
The 'aw, forget its,' the whole thing—who did this?
You say, 'Jesus, I don't get it?
I swear I see nothin' but the prosperity of the wicked.'
Let's kick it, so you could see the end that's predicted
When both sin and sinful men get evicted
I'm with it, but things look a mess—I'll admit this
And sin keeps bringing the stress—I been witness!
But God the Son is gonna rise like a biscuit
Come back and fix it
I've got the script—it's
It's scripted in scripture, but most will miss it
To them it's foolish, but I'ma school this district


Think hard, visualize the ill mob
Bombarding, fatally scarring the Son of God
Thugs sluggin,' the blood floodin'What in God's name made Him take the pain?
Much love in His heart for this world that He sparked with the verbal
The same men He made beat Him down 'til He was purple
And all could see His veins and arteries
All for you and all for me
The Savior died this is a call to be
A recipient of His life, 'cause if He didn't die
We all were gonna fry
And since we in this world dressed in this flesh that He formed
It's only right that we get our Christ on!
Yeah, I'm lovin' this chillin' under God-ruled government
Plus I'm in love with the new blood covenant
No blood no forgiveness, not a smidgen
Without the blood kid you only got religion
So marches to D.C. are no more than long trips
Prayer mail sent to Heaven with the wrong zip
Why else do you think He let divine blood drip?
Simple: we owe this sin debt and plus tip!
And there is gonna be a payday
The 'good times' will be behind some like the reruns of 'JJ'
The blood of the Lamb Jesus is mandatory
'For Thine is the kingdom, power, and the glory