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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Gift Rap
Song:   Christmas Time
Typed by: Byg_Balla

[Verse One]
Go get some egg nog, it's an acquired taste
Call up some friends, the family is by the fireplace
Folks are mingling, bells jingling
I can smell chestnuts roasting, the aroma fills the entire place
The room is warm
The tide from the Yule, and a child from the womb is born
The candles are lit, children are unraveling gifts
Giving grandma a kiss, the night before this they couldn't sleep
For trying to get a peek at what was under the tree
Where the lights are strung, the excitement is as ripe as plums
Silent night is sung, while a man and his wife
Are sitting at home with the kids, Watching it's a wonderful life
Snuggled up under the comforters like two birds in a nest
It's Christmas time no burden or stress
And even if you're burdened then your burdens are less
If you understand a virgin was blessed

It's Christmas time, relax your mind and unwind, yeah
Full of peace, full of joy, I'll tell you why, yeah (2X)
It's Jesus Christ, yeah

[Verse Two]
Go get some egg nog, it's an acquired taste
Call up some friends, the family is by the fireplace
The apple pie's in the oven I can smell the aroma
All through the house and can't wait to see how it tastes
Man it feels so right, the snow is falling like crystals
Covering up the windows, the kids are playing out in the snow
Aunt May and Uncle Charlie are under the mistletoe
It's romance in the air
And everybody's singing it's the most wonderful time of the year yeah
It's love from the floor to the ceiling and
Hearts are full of glee you can't fight the feeling, man


[Verse Three]
Okay, okay now Christmas has come
But amidst all the fun, don't forget Who it's ‘bout
The baby born
Three wise men maybe more rushed in to praise and adore Him
He's God in the flesh
And when the angels arrived Mary knew she was in the manger with God
The Lord of creation, imagine Him saying (goo, goo ga, ga)
But still ruling the nations
Now that's something to ponder
Man I ain't saying nothing new, this is just a reminder
That the greatest gift of all
Is the one that can't be bought in the mall, naw