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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Gift Rap
Song:   Came Down
Typed by: Byg_Balla

It was dope how you came down
There was hope when you came down
Now I know why you came down
Glad I know why you came down

We met our Savior when you came down
We saw your flavor when you came down
You gave us favor when you came down
Now we goin' praise ya cause you came down

The more I live the more I'm convinced of
The fact there's hope in this life in spite of what sin does
Hard knock life and can't weed out the sorrow
Still I believe the sun'll be out tomorrow
I've got a right to think like this
And my reason is connected to the season of Christmas
Cause though it doesn't seem right one night this
Place of low worth held the birth of One priceless
Straight up- wait a minute the kid's sovereign
Born in a stable he deserved the Ritz Carlton
That's just the tip of the ice
And Christmas is the perfect time for the rhyme to hip you to Christ

Please- y'all let me reflect on the blessin'
Of what God did when He slid the flesh on
Stepped on earth though His worth was slept on
His word made the earth and by His word it's kept goin'
That's why the season's a good ‘nuff reason to please Him
How I wish every hood would seek Him and see Him
Grown, enthroned, more than just a rabbi
I wish you could see Him as Lord just ask the magi
Who brought incense, gold, and myrrh
They saw a King- whatcha' think that the gold was for?
Servin' others- madd blood and sweat
Served and loved us- that's the kind of gold you get
when it's Christ- style lovin', change up your lifestyle lovin'
Correct you when your lifestyle's buggin'
Christmas lovin', the tear up your wish-list lovin'
And switch it to the give gifts lovin'


Christmas is the time that I can get my eat on
But now there's divine grub I get to feed on
It's soul food every time I get my read on
Now I no longer have to get my weed on
He's strong but he's on nothin' he's reborn
He keeps goin' even with the gifts and trees gone
And he's hype of the fact that Christ is
The God who came when others wouldn't come down like gas prices
Some swear it's a myth but they should cherish the gift
Cause when Jesus was born there was a shift
From hopelessness to hope that's just so dope
I hope you get to make the most of it