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Artist: The Cross Movement 
Album:  Christology (in Laymen's Terms)
Song:   Whirlwind
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Kneel, when it's on in the whirlwind
Tell me how it feels when it's on in the whirlwind 
Do you know the deal
when it's on in the whirlwind
You've got to keep it real when it's on in the whirlwind
Let's all meet, God to earth, feel the raw heat
Bow the knee, give Me props hip hop to Wall Street
The King, but I don't dream I decree things
I'm Supreme and My shekinah beams
Out the whirlwind I'm vexed so I jet through the porthole
Of time and appointment where divine meets the mortal
You darkeneth my counsel without an ounce of knowledge
The Bible is the food for your soul not your collards
I'm triune in my Person and my tactics
One in my essence, mentally you can't hack this
I'm so divine I can blow your mind with a mystery
My incarnation was an invasion into history
I put a human suit on and played it low key
Thirty-three years of blood, sweat and tears now you owe Me
Capital Son of God saves, three days in the grave, then I was raised
From the earth I was "Swaze"
Sent My third Person to get with ya, fix ya
Get ya right, shed some light, illuminate My Scripture
I've got the word that bara's exnihilo
Creates something out of nothing now let's see you go
Toe to toe, with the master Architect and Sculptor
Of the planet, of the people, even of its culture
I rule, earth is My footstool
Heaven can't contain My frame, I'm sovereign and I can put fools
On their back, the fact is you'll stand before Me
I'm coming' for My props, you'll stop, drop and glorify
I the sovereign God who be hurlin'
Storms that I form when it's on in the whirlwind
Secular is regular it's never the new flava in your ear
Cause you neglect steps to meet the Savior of the year
Your platinum hits be lackin' sense so I sensor
Your whole jam, I'm swole man, I am the inventor
Of all music, who's it all about in the this universe
I search earth to comfort all your human hurts
How much can a God flirt?
How can it be post flood humanity keeps handing Me dirt
Well I'm sick of this atheistic way you be kickin' this
Gift I gave, you're getting paid for your wickedness
Even gave you videos to flaunt Me, but you don't even want Me
You only do the things that disappoint Me
My grace you waste but when it runs dry
Your heart is My target and I always hit bulls-eye
You didn't learn form Lucifer so I'm shootin' ya
In the heart with a dart, told you they were supin' ya
So I'm bootin' ya like this, you thought I was a myth
Thought I was blowing smoke like a spliff
But I'm not mocked, take a look around your block
Check Me out, earth shouts, the creation gives Me props
You're dust, but My eternal thrust and force
Keeps seas behind the doors and the earth on course
Why do rains pour and the winds roar? Now buss it
How do you make a universal flood? Let's discuss it
Or what about the formula for gravity, let's have it see
Your human mind is raggedy compared to My majesty
So radically My double edged sword swings
Strong breasted iron chested raw King of all kings
Is not looking for a halo, but neither should you lay low
Just let My redeemed people say so
And I'll be the sovereign God Who be hurlin'
Storms that I form when it's on in the whirlwind
As I rip it, you hear the word flow so come and sip it
Then go toast, because the Logos is being lifted
You I gifted, but Satan sifted, now you're twisted
I came in a human frame and you missed it
What's my name? Still the same all Hail
The I Am, watching' man with his train off rail
I stand, Jehovah Nissi come seek me the Banner
I'm no joke, plus I make a dope loaf of manna
Hosanna! Victory is mine, I'm preeminent
Supreme, Mr. Clean, but you be unregenerate
And a sinner at your core, more to die for
But I poured my blood so all come through my door
And there's only one it's the Son God and human
And I'm gonna come at the trump glory boomin'
Pruning, I've got the sword, all aboard or on the floor 
Yall confess me as LORD
You heard Me clearly, I never stutter, I'm butta
Demons shutter, because I'm God, there's no other
I've gotta win, cause I'm the God of men
Rejecting Me is suicidal I'm more vital than your oxygen
For lots of men it's My glory they're after
Kill that, come on get caught up in the rapture
I'm the Master and since I'm faster I run this
Planet and it takes a coequal oneness of Me's 
Father, Son, and Holy Breeze
Who can get with these three's now check My degrees
I'm the L-O-R-D all caps and for
More on this get with the Ambassador
Though I'm hardcore, My love goes far more
Than my tongue, cause My Son hung on a "bar" for 
Mankind, understand I'm not religious
But I'm in the business of providing forgiveness
Long live this trinity, I curse the enemy
Yet I bless the man that's in ministry
You want a magician then look for Merlin
But if you want God I'm getting it on in the whirlwind