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Artist: The Cross Movement
Album:  Christology (in Laymen's Terms)
Song:   Hands in the Air
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From the Philly pad I've been servin' Christ and now it's really __
nonbelievers are treating Jesus like a silly fad
Weak like the spot Achilles had they got me really mad
Talking 'bout  relationships they never really had
The kill me dog but it's not about the skills we have
Because the city is sickly the need the Balm on Gilead
Known for doin' things that's odd to see like the Iliad
Like standing on top of the water like a lily pad
The Life Giver who turns my heart like a river
From when it was trashy and when it was nasty like lives
He fills His quiver with children with who follow His orders
Sons and daughters
who've been changed like dollars to quarters
Holler. He'll pour you grace and then give you some more __
Give you wisdom when you're in a trial like a court case
Can't show you the pure face but you can get the pure taste goodness 
never running out like you're raw space
All sing to the only acceptable offering
All things reconciled by His death on the cross beam
With blood that was clean, and blood that "ca-ching!"
He purchased men so that must mean worship the King
God the Son - the only One with a plan to redeem
Stronger that the Army-Navy, Air force, and the Marines
Elohim the A to Z and all that's in between
The Supreme who could have let us fall yet intervened
Called the elect made sure we accept
Roots us in Christ so we can grow like a chia pet
So hail the King, priest and prophet
The inexhaustible topic The Person 
of God you can peep with your optic
In the eyes of this world my life is trife
they don't understand when I say I've died to Christ
died to my rights
Livin' selfless, render myself helpless 
trustin' God, set my heart where his eternal wealth is
What else is there to live for, what else is there to hope in still
I bow to Christ with a broken with a broken will
becoming broken bread and poured out wine
when seen with the natural eye authentic 
Christian livin' blows the mind 
What validates my faith go check 
you'll see from the holy scroll to the codex 
that God inspires the whole text
the scriptural facts will surprise 
and paralyze you like broke necks 
shake up your whole set
leave your soul vexed 
I pray you dream of his holiness and wake up in cold sweats
Can't dissolve the mixture 
no matter how odd the picture 
you can't deny the God of scripture equipped with tha
truths that transform becoming a thorn where man swarm
We bring the real when we kingdom build upon the rock
He's the one you can either stand on 
or be the one whom he lands on
weather the sinkin sand storms
until you realize there's no other God 
worth taking a chance on 
We keep our hands on the plow breaking up the fallow ground
while Christ can found seek him and follow now
[The Phanatik]
It's been told that men without 
Christ would face insurmountable odds
and the greatest of these would be a close encounter with God 
(and you don't want that) even though your free to give it a try
100% before the Most High 
either live it or die
Cause ever since Adam sinned life was done
but thanks to Christ the Son
when Death marked us up with it's pricin' gun
Jesus came and smiled and paid 
for us all and brought the work of sin to an
end like the child labor law
when the wild and wayward saw 
that in Jesus God forgave us all who repented
and consented that our way was wrong
then they saw why the truth rocks us
so hard enough to work arduous 
to bogard yo just pardon us. Like the
marginous distance between mars and us
understand men are from dust and 
smart enough or large enough to harness 
up and jump the marvelous distance
between us and God we just tarnish up His image
My mission is to open eyes
and I'm steady mobilizin' 
because of the hope I find in Jesus, tougher than
Teflon, hung with the common thugs 
though He had more class than Upper Eshelon 
I'm in love with the way He put us back together, life was broke
then Christ came in handy like Black and Decker
the fact is pleasure could never measure up black
to Christ so tell us where's your treasure at
this song was not on the tapes you gave us
so I assume that you have it and can get the lyrics