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Artist: The LOX f/ Foxy Brown
Album:  My Niggaz 12"
Song:   My Niggaz
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[Intro: Foxy Brown]
Aiyyo for real, it's time for everybody
to get they motherfucking minds right
It's about to go down, straight like that
Ill Na Na and the motherfucking L-O-X
That's right!

[Chorus: Styles]
From the top of New York where they be poppin' the cork
From the bottom of the slums where they be poppin' the guns
For niggas that rock whips and get plenty of ones
For niggas going hand in hand having a run
For niggas that had cake and got sent upstate
For the mother who lost the child and had to settle for weight
For those who want up out the ghetto but don't know how to escape
Guess you gotta live the life and just keep the faith

Aiyyo, aiyyo
Our shit contagious, so y'all niggas try to quarantine us
Y'all niggas shook up and all that like Oranginas
My gun American but my niggas got foreign in us
Six cars between us, laced out
Half my money from the drug route, you know how that goes
We hung in heavy metal clubs and some shit for the news
It's Sheek Loucheon, either at the bar with a groupie on
My python getting sex in hotels
With connected rooms to let her walk through and hear X
Jadakiss and Styles smoke a pound up till it's gone
Room service bring up champagne with five masks on
From most hated to heavy rotated, forget it
Next stop is movies, chop, check out if Blockbuster get it
Cheapskates, sweating on Capris' release dates
With Money, Power & Respect went platinum out the gates
From Russell Simmons to Puff, Lox and DMX got this
Big time, we prolly shoot this joint up on the tropics
Where we eat fish like whities, where bitches got have all nighties
Sucking dick, me, I'm on some jail shit
Standing up, jerking off while these hoes eat each others clits


[Foxy Brown]
Bet I salute all chick that be getting them chips
And throw it up for my bitches that be popping that Cris'
Especially to the ones that be riding that dick
And if the pussy banging, hope he copped you that six
And to all my thoro chicks that cried and lied for these cats
Out of town, on the hound for these cats
If shit got thick, let off rounds for these cats
In that crocodile Prada, stash a pound for these cats
Uh, me and my bitches got down for these cats
Paid our dues, to sixty-twos, take to the top
See the truth of the lies, with the bullshit aside
Like a trooper, I put that on my life that I ride
Conspiracy charges, straight copped out to three to five
Not fucking my crew now, to suffer and die
Maximum, twenty-five, give a fuck if I cry
It's a dirty game when it comes to slanging them things
Bailed like a hundred thou, but the other small change
Shit, I used to trick out and cruise in the Range

For those who want up out the ghetto but don't know how to escape
Guess you gotta live the life and just keep the faith


Prayer one, for niggas that be busting they guns
To the death, what you expect for a couple of ones?
Prayer two, for niggas that ain't never had shit
Master, black down guard and rat shit
Prayer three, for niggas on lock without a key
That ain't never coming home but you know how it be
Living to die, niggas ain't willing to die
If you bust up in the air, you ain't killing the sky
Feeling the high, nigga is you willing to lie?
You'se a crumb and you dumb, you ain't stealing the pie
I leave a bloody mess for niggas bigger than me, cut his neck
Lox brothers, y'all niggas is cock suckers
Yellow belly cowards, I want money and the power
Assassin, you think it's a joke? You'll die laughing
Hopping out the plane and only bringing out the captain
Start of a legacy, my heart broke down and start begging me
Dog, I'm a whole different pedigree
Take me to the limit, I'm laying in the cut
While you playing in the scrimmage, meet you at the final
Lyrically and spiritually, drunker than a whino
Poison, house full of rhymes, bring your boys in
Tell them take it easy, have a seat on the couch
I'm the governor, y'all bitch niggas is crops
Take orders, we need passports at the border
We transporting water, the ship was pure
Felt six to the head, but we wasn't the cure
Make your eardrums pop, bottle lid drops
Eyes switch up, knees hit the floor
By the time he splits up, nobody gets up


L-O-X motherfucker
For those who want up out the ghetto but don't know how to escape
Guess you gotta live the life and keep the faith


[Outro: Sheek] + (Styles)
Fucking faggots 
We extorting y'all niggas
Lyrical warfare