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Artist: Styles (The L.O.X.)
Album:  And1 Kevin Garnett Commercial (
Song:   And1 Kevin Garnett Commercial
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Kevin Garnett
Da Kid
The player of the present and the future
Ideal player of the 21st century

You call him KG da Kid (KG)
But if you seen him with basketball 
You know that he grown (uh huh)
You seen him on the ball courts 
You know that he home (right at home)
It's like every dunk is drastic (wooo)
First to get drafted outta high school since Moses Malone (remember that?)
Everybody gotta earn they turn (uh huh)
I think da Kid game got hotter since his jersey burned (phew)
And you couldn't find a finer kid (uh uh)
Than the 7 foot South Carolina kid obsessed with ball (obsessed)
And the rim need a hard net (hard net)
Better act like you know 
C'mon dogg, that's Kevin Garnett (KG)
Bout to get an And1 all in your mug (And1)
Said he play around the clock coz there's ball in his blood (in his blood)
He ain't think about a turnover (uh uh)
That's KG, he the player of the future 
And the game about to turn over (da Kid)
Think you got game, then you gon' have to learn over (yeah)

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