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Artist: The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro) f/ Mr. Hyde
Album:  Once Upon a Crime
Song:   Wolf Eyes
Typed by: Matt Jost (w/ help from liner notes)

[ VERSE 1: Kool G Rap ]
Hello, welcome to the rough side of the shit
The schoolyard lay on the strip
Where hollow tips chip the red off the bricks
Gully niggas get bread off the stick, take the pres' off your wrist
Press off a clip and jet off with chips
Show you what life like, pass the lights in the skyscrapers
The green bulbs on the bridges
Malicious militias, take you to shit I bet you wish you never visit
But come where the guns bang in the slum like a set of drums
This where eardrums get rung like a target range
Day time, dark of night, see the spark exchange
Armed robbery in your home, get the carpet stained
Get Carson change, up in that drug market game
They will gang-bang your main squeeze
Have your chick tongue touchin dick vein on her knees before they flame squeeze
Knew niggas that moved out of state to claim p's
Murderin the streets, the roads and the lanes bleed
We might bring it from different angles, but the same breed
Movie shit, you pay rental fees to hang with G
It's me

[ CHORUS: Kool G Rap ]
It's wolf eyes in the dark
The goon guys, when the moon rise, then it start
Leave homie torn apart with flies on his heart
We prowl in the wild, smell blood like a shark
Hoodied up, covered below the eyes with the scarf
And you might find behind you, wolf eyes in the dark
The four-pounds put 'em down, the knives leavin marks
We make criminal activity rise off the chart
We strike for the windpipe in your ride when you parked
Then we ambush, line 'em up, wolf eyes in the dark

[ VERSE 2: Mr. Hyde ]
Aiyo, my cretins make you nervous
Satan's demons at your service
From beneath the surface
Serpents, here to separate your cervix
See we mutilate you first, then illuminate what hurts
Then rejuvenate the jux, blood'll lubricate the earth
Much worse than Al-Qaeda, Camp Crystal Lake crusader
Bet my blade'll agitate a hater when I lacerate him
If I catch you disrespect, the effect will be direct
9 millimeter Tecs, wet and disconnect your neck
Blessed by the death reverend, my brethren is severing
Your pulse, crack that cap open, stick a bloody feather in
I'm shredding up your stomach, there's a bunch of organs puncturing
A ton of blood is plummeting in buckets from the bludgeoning
Your lungs no longer functioning, my job is death-delivering
Considering the thought to leave your liver there, quivering
Shivering, my fridge is full of meat, like The Butcher Shop
#1 With a Bullet, pull my Glock and lick a shot

[ CHORUS: Kool G Rap ]

[ VERSE 3: Necro ]
Like a beast in a cage, like Liam Neeson in The Grey
Rip a piece of your face off, like I haven't eaten decent in days
In the precinct, cause the police were sent to my residence
For evidence, but evidently came up negative ever since
Worse than a molester, you're a faggot like Sylvester
Dressed in burlesque, messed up mentality, obsessed with smegma
Chase you through the wilderness looking to kill you, bitch
Cause your pussy smells like Gefilte fish, filthiness
We're pinnacle gangsters, catching Pamela Lee head
You disrespect G'Fathers, your family's dead
Dumped in the river, pumped with caliber lead
Get left with stumps, punk motherfucker, pass the Italian bread
Ravioli shit, kill you on some cadaverous holy shit
Like a psycho chasing you through a labyrinth, stab up your colon quick
My portfolio's filled with pics of victims I killed with clips
Kidnap your children for chips, you better chill with the bullshit

[ CHORUS: Kool G Rap ]