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Artist: The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro)
Album:  Once Upon a Crime
Song:   Trigga 4 Hire
Typed by: Matt Jost (w/ help from liner notes)

[ HOOK: Kool G Rap ]
Trigger for hire, criminal attire
Hoodie with the mask on, givin 'em the fire
Blood from out your jugular vein, slit it with wire
Heat your head like a bitch under the dryer
It's ready-aim soon as one of you bitches try us
This modern day Murder Inc., trigger for hire
Fuck Billboard, kid, got hits like Shania
Buck shots to cell block shanks, you get expired

[ VERSE 1: Necro ]
The sharp shooter with a futuristic car computer
Catch a goon barracuda with a biscuit harpoon, then spark buddha
Smart ass, get blown apart fast, end up a sarcastic
Bastard in a casket, your dome in a shopping cart basket
Wrap your heart in plastic, clap your retarded, spastic
Partner, blast her Dolly Parton tits on carpet and mastur-
bate, you're not relevant, the elephant's in the room
I'll make you look like The Elephant Man, gelatin
Pop your melon militantly, then catch brains from Penelope Cruz
Got her galloping on my Calico phallus, all up in these whores
Triple six with the ice pick, nice with the crime
A precise mix of Tyson and Vincent Price in his prime
Get diced like bison, you'll see Christ, pale white like a mime
Iceman with the crossbow, impale you, catch you at the right time
Wiser than Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Hurt you like Virgil Earp
You'll burp blood if you chirp, leave you Deep Purple

[ HOOK: Kool G Rap ]

[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
Spit what? Bars - Yes pa, every bar I spit Escobar
Bless y'all with extra bars, y'all bars lesser bars
Who would invest in y'all?
Somebody S'd the chest of y'all
Must've been Lion King next to Scar
My spit game the same level where the Wild West sketses are
I send death darts that depart from where the sessions are
Enter the engineer and exit, pa, through his Kevlar
Left a mark where he pressed the start
Through the hall, from the rear through a chair to somewhere where the front deskes are
Through a brick wall, then wet a parked Lexus car
I wish death to y'all, lay on tar where the sketches are
Eyes with the X's mark 5 in your precious hearts
Rest hard, on EMS stretcher carts
Rest of y'all should dress in bras, that's your repertoire
War get ugly, same territory where esthers are
Weapons in Glory against Gloria Estefan
I'm hard to kill, get your fleshes charred
Hard as a burnt shish kebab, like Texas Bob's
Barbecue grill, get left with impression marks
Weapons are refresheners
You get aired out, my mob is too real
On the iron side, my iron on the side
Roar like a lion pride, spar with two steels
Like Saving Private Ryan, guys, if you ain't Michael Ironside
I'ma make ridin hard with two wheels, you feel?

[ HOOK: Kool G Rap ]