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Artist: The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro)
Album:  Once Upon a Crime
Song:   Heart Attack
Typed by: Matt Jost (w/ help from liner notes)

[ VERSE 1: Necro ]
Unload the burner from a tower
Holding the Source Power 30 for ransom
I'll murder one every hour
Rap's a disaster full of retards
In leotards, tryina be hard
Only way you'll kill shit is me dying from laughter
I'm a leader like Luther King, but the truth is
I'll pull out the heater, doofus
And get ruthless for your bling
Crack your limbs with the black Timbs, stomp a bitch in
When it comes to Necro and G Rap, there ain't no competition
Your best verse is worse than my worst verse
Prepare for death, rehearse in a hearse, evil like a verse reversed
I was nice when you was just sperm, don't doubt it
G Rap was already 'bout it when I just turned 12
And learned how to spit - Salute!
Got no love for police, undercover beast
Danny Glover, homo, Mario Cuomo, governor leech
You never went Brrrap! You're more like Borat, a whore twat
You might have family members that are gangster, but you're not

[ HOOK: Necro (/ Kool G Rap) ]
Give you a heart attack, we hardrocks like Godsmack
You fronted like you hard, kid, and you got smacked
(Godfathers with the gats) Even God'll get clapped
Aim at the heavens and blast ridiculous
(We're serious as a heart attack) We hardrocks like Godsmack
You fronted like you hard, kid, but (you got smacked)
Godfathers melt the track, even the devil got bucked up
(Fucked up) what what (slice slice) cut cut

[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
We from third world living conditions, pitchin and gun clickin
Play hide-and-seek in the streets where they slump kids in
Son tongue spittin the truth, y'all niggas fun spittin
Barrel to your fuckin eardrums, hear the slums written
War-torn Queens, the shit like Fallujah, kid
Ruger, Sig, Smith & Wesson, lessons'll lose your wig
KGR, Necro, we comin through this bitch
Come fly through the strip like you the shit
Get lost like a plane out of tower range that flew through Bermuda mist
Walk around in the ghetto, metal heavy as sewer lids
Beautiful view to where dope shooters and users live
This where they double-cross, crosswire, cross hairs
Shit that have 'em sendin Red Cross here
Heavy matics, heavy traffic, kid, get hit tryina cross here
Cross these streets with crosses like they freezer froze
Get crossed up, nigga, better be Croccifixio

[ HOOK: Necro (/ Kool G Rap) ]