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Artist: The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro)
Album:  Once Upon a Crime
Song:   American Sickos
Typed by: Matt Jost (w/ help from liner notes)

[ VERSE 1: Necro ]
Concentrate on detailed
Portrayals of entrails, impaled with nails
If all else fails, eliminate you
Blot you out, extinguish, got you now
Hard like calluses on Mingus' fingers
Dialysis, life support, paralysis
Bring a knife to court, attack the judge
Never back down or budge, I'll crack your skull
You fag, you pack the fudge
Excessive plasma, guts, asthma, respiratory fucked
Chronic disease, can't breathe
Like amputees chopped at the knees
In pampers, babies, vulnerable
Sculpture your skull
Ultimately pulverize
Cultivate the sickly
Prickly, pointy bayonets lodged
Inside your larynx, march

[ CHORUS: Necro ]
Real shit
Peel clips
Peel flesh
Real fresh

[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
It's American Psycho, sicko, swift flow
Nutso, schizo, mental ward, clip board said so
The best though, you can get a big surprise with a red bow
When lead blow, dance with a Tec like techno
Hit the deck and let go till the nose on the sket glow, wet foes
Hard lyricist
Pa, hit you with shit that chart next to Rx barbiturates
March of the carnivorous
Mark the kids cartridges to spark y'all gibberish
But here's more of the morbid, mortician
Tools to maul with, morgue shit, mortars hit
Who nice? Lay 'em on ice like walruses
War you want, then war it is
Fuck all the hooks and choruses
I'm bringing it back to Nautilus
Mind borderline disorder, kid
Shell your back like tortoises
Let loose till it tore the wrist
Adore the kick, raw shit, you silhouette-boxin
No oxygen, still the best rockin
Frontline gunner for the game, hunter with an aim
You a lame, you a runner for the caine
Get slumped in the slum in the summer in the rain
Champ from Queens, dance for the team
Till it land a ambulance on the scene
Tramps in jeans, trampoline
I chant the theme of Benjamins, Grants of green
On the real, you get peeled like a tangerine
Try to kick, get the cramps, hear the sample fiend
Get an oz of OD dosage
Put it in pots and rock like the old KISS
Make the whole strip swarm like the locust
You out of focus, broke with the bogus shit

[ CHORUS: Necro ]