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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  We Do This For Fun (Mixtape)
Song:   We Do It For Fun Pt. 4
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

F.T.E in the buildin
Young star J.R
Big Fruit on the beat
Look here. I got what ya'll been waitin for
We do it for fun part four

It's Mr. Too cold
I'm so far from a rapper
And you can wipe me down
Cause I'm so low backwards
I'm all in yo hood
Window down with tha heater
All these shells on my seat
Like I spilled velveta
See you a senorita
And you lookin for a tipper
Still dancin on yo singles
You a motha fuckin stripper
See we gon shoot
God damn you can bet it
Got a whole lot of clips
But none of my thugs can edit
I think I got a fettish
For blow jobs and shit
Joker junior in my pants
Let your girl babysit
Two tears
And a pair of yo bars so weak
You don't even need bail, (faggot)
No line for us
No problem at the door
We got champaign for pearl seekers
I spend more
Mississippi on the map
No it's not up for sa
Jack town waddup
Do is one big sinnigag
I can have you appauled
And sick as a fucking dog
Playin school with your girl
I'm confiscating her draws
Hotel rooms
W w e scene
J.r. called swith
And now it's a tag team
See where your from green lights mean go
But where I'm from blue lights mean GO!
Ya know?
Cause I don't want no more jail time
I'm tryin to stay ahead
Of the law like time
We gettin money now
Buddy why would I lie
All this bread I shoulda
Bought a whole pack of twist ties
I might front that
Just dependin on what to spent
Don't got my cash
The blood is the payment
You do it for the money
I do this shit for fun
You like to play arenas?
I like to play with guns
Internet haters talkin
All that dumb shit
I'm ready for them hatin ass
World star comments
Funny ass niggas
Wanna act like they don't know me
You tube
10 million views
Boy they done showed me
My flow is rediculis
That's why them niggas jockin
I would switch it up
But you'll just turn around and cop me

(I am well respected)

Guap me
Money coming in
Cha ching
All these o's in my check
I'm the lord of the rings
Rockin all black keds
When I step off in the spot
Got the tool on deck
Like I'm workin on a yacht
(I'm on a boat)
The indian watch
They're jealous of the of charm
All these stones
Like I got a bad kidney on my arm
See I'm a trending topic
At fte joker
Got the feds on me
Cause I turned my twitter into strokers
I am the sickest man
You can go on and bet
Can't get insurance on the track
Cause I always seem to wreck it
Imaculate conceptions
Cause I was born the best
The phenom is coming
So you should warn the rest