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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  We Do This For Fun (Mixtape)
Song:   My Dougie Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Tha Joker]
What I'm bout to do, I'm bout to do some sweet shit
If Lil Will heard the rest he'd put me on the remix
I'm taking over nigga, but gotta lotta plans
Central heat and a/c, but still got a lot of fans
You know I'm fresh, been feelin sick lately
Red Monkey's on my ass, I might have rabies
You know when I'm around, it's most likely game over
If your a headache, I'm a damn hangover!
I'm way past cold, I'm bout to get my flu on
My flows so hot, niggas want to keep their shoes on
Can't sell albums if lies is whatcha tellin
Ya best chance of being rich is getting Oprah pregnant
American Pie, we quick to bust it
These guns like beats nigga we got production
At my shows the hoes get satisfaction
But the hotel room is the real main attraction
Front desk at the Hilton xxxxx didn't understand it
"We don't want beds, head's better standing."
Watch these hoes hell they can wear a ski mask
You checkin out her face, I'm checkin out here kneecaps
30 dollar fakes, why was he scheming
Those are not True Religions, your blasphemic
My rhymes like crack, can you feel the numbness?
We eatin good nigga, scrump-deliumptious
Couldn't get a job if I ever let the fame go
Stereotyped by the way my pants hang low
But I got money, they'll get you when I say so
If colors get you killed, then I'm a motherfucking rainbow
Headshots will have ya brain like where did all the pain go
Say he don't dance, chopper bullets make him tango
I'm dropping real soon, it's gonna be a hot summer
And the streets bout to change, I'm raps Obama
Play with me, ha, I think not
Cause things will get ugly like Ne-Yo's mughsot
And please send my condolences to Big E
Now I have to skip town cause I just killed the beat!