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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  We Do It For Fun Pt. 5 (S)
Song:   We Do It For Fun Pt. 5
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Joker2cold baby
what's happin like new york in the 80s
bout to get the club crackin
well well well
all bloody hell jokers back batman didn't do his job well
I'm flyer then a aviator gooing in like fingers in a movie theater
my watch cost a pie sace's on my eyes with the fresh levis god damn I'm sterilized
Baby girl got a donk and I'm crash this dummy so be be be back that ass up on me
I ain't never be a fony homie but I'm bony with a suit and
A choppa put you in the miletony only love my daughter homie she will never leave me alone
I'm so fresh put the piece in the middle like mony
My chain went thru sugery my watch was in a avalanche
my car is from the candy shop my rims they do the cabbage patch
these stupid diamonds never match
I carrey chrome like I was on the caddyshack
these pussy pussy pussy niggas they ain't got no cardiac
joker joker joker you know I'm were the parties at
18 came in
they should have got a big ta match
nickname jerry always win with the kitty kat
they know I would dismember that
nigga born in 90 been real eversince
And I'm about a dollar like 99 cents
if yuou bleeding right now baby please leave the premiscess
unless you know beggin momma then we can finish this

You know I piss excellence
shit suppority and whipe myself sith greatness
I'm that great

1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila floor
trust me I know how to turn lil sane in to a whore
keep a 20 pack of magnums baby I ain't bullshit
my name is joker but you know
I ain't a kid
I ain't playin I'm just sayin I ain't playin unless you sayin
who dis bitch you be savin
you run circles I go straight in
ya'll went out but we ate in
We first night ya'll still datin
plus I let joker junior use a mouth as a play pen
I'm furistic like a time rift
I'm going in like it's my shift